Rich Mushroom Gravy Sauce Bonus Pie recipes

Rich Mushroom Gravy Sauce in the Cuisine Companion

I have a fabulous regular gravy on the website already but thought I would love a nice rich mushroom gravy sauce to go with some chicken that I was having one night. My husband had also mentioned he would like some for to go with his steak one day.  So I took my gravy recipe and changed it up a bit and voila instant rich mushroom gravy sauce PLUS the bonus for pies !

1 onion Halved
20g Oil
250g Water
30g Flour
20g Vege Stock
300g Mushrooms sliced
60g Cream
20g Dijon Mustard

Blitz Onion in the bowl speed 12 for 10 seconds using Ultrablade
Scrape down
Add Oil
Press the Automated Slow Cook temp  130 for 4 minutes
Switch to the stirring blade
Add the water, flour, vege stock paste and mushrooms
Select speed 6 at 100degrees for 6 mins
Add in Cream and Dijon Mustard
Mix at speed 5 at 90 degrees for 5 minutes

Bonus recipe – make pies !

So you have all this rich mushroom gravy sauce, not only is it fantastic for your chicken, steak or veges but its superb in pies ! Simply cube some chicken and throw it in a pan or  your Cuisine Companion or Thermomix .
I cooked mine in my gorgeous and favourite (shhhh favourites aren’t allowed) Solidteknics Aus Fonte deep sautése pan.. Although the Aus Fonte range is no longer made there are still some around Australia for sale. Check our your local kitchen shops.
I’ve recently embraced Solidteknics pans into our home, as my previous non stick pans were wearing out after over 10 years of heavy duty use and I didn’t want to get more pans that have surfaces that we don’t know what affect they are having on our food, and body. Not only that aspect of it but the longevity of those pans is around 10 years so why not look for something that is not just lifetime usage but multi generational..
I had previously seen the Solidteknics range of pans but I had my own pans and wasn’t ready to throw them out at the stage because they were still good. However   once it was time to look for another range of pans I researched the Solidtecknics and the ethos behind the company and knew they were the pans for me.

Want to know more about the Solidteknics range ? Pop on over to their website here

Want to cook some amazing pies ?

You can do these in your pie maker or individual pie dishes, these were done in a piemaker, quick and easy.

Brown your chicken and mix through your rich mushroom gravy sauce add in to your pie shells I use shortcrust on the bottom and puff pastry on the top – its a great combo.

Want to mix it up ?  and have a range of pies ? Make the chicken and mushroom pies as above and there is the chicken and leek pie recipe in my cookbook and why not have some satay chicken pies ! you can find the recipe for the satay chicken sauce here, I reduce the liquid down to around 150g-200g water and cube he chicken rather than slice it.

You can make pies with any of the sauces , just remember to reduce to the liquid – just a couple of ideas ….

Apricot Chicken

Chicken Stroganoff

I’m not a red meat eater but the rich mushroom gravy sauce would also be fantastic with beef, same method as the chicken and mushroom above…



These are great to freeze and reheat in the oven for a quick lunch or dinner , enjoy on their own or with some fresh steamed vegetables or for a treat some homemade wedges .

Whats your favourite pie ?



2 thoughts on “Rich Mushroom Gravy Sauce Bonus Pie recipes

  1. Wow. All those recipes and pies and ideas sound fabulous. The mushroom mix would be mighty fine in a jaffle iron!

    Thanks for these recipes and ideas s


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