Almond Milk in the Cuisine Companion



– 1 cup of Almonds ( about 160g )
– Water
– Maple syrup, honey or a couple of medjool dates
– Vanilla Extract ( optional )
– A Nut Milk Bag from Living Synergy !

Oh whats that I hear ? you don’t have one ?  How would you like to WIN one !!
I have FOUR to give away to the people in my Cuisine Companion in my Kitchen Group  !
To make the Almond Milk in the meantime you can use , muslin , cheesecloth, or any other super fine cloth even a clean tea towel if that is all you have but do NOT use a chux.

Ok so first up you will need to soak your Almonds in a bowl of filtered water ( preferably ) over night :- )
( if using dates chop them into 4’s remove pips and include them in the soaking ..)
This is an example of what we will be doing in the Cuisine Companion Cooking Club ! We have just done a mini ” Cook-A-Long in the group just as an example as
These cook – a – longs are fun and designed to assist everyone at the same time and share ideas and experiences .
So lets start .
-After you have soaked your almonds for 24 hours rinse them thoroughly.
– Insert Kneading / Crushing Blade
– Put in Almonds and 900-1200g of water – It all depends on your personal taste – Start with 1000g for the first go and decide from there. ( and if using your dates or other sweetener add here as well. )
– Blitz the almonds, water and any sweetener on Speed 12 for 3 minutes
– Using a Large container drain mix through your nut milk bag ( or other fine cloth as above )
– Squeeze ( gently ! so as not to burst the bag ) all the liquid through the bag/cloth
See Step by Step photos for making the Almond Milk in the Tefal Cuisine Companion in my Kitchen  group.
( Although please note : Step by Step photos are now going to be exclusively for the Cuisine Companion Cooking Club )
Use your left over almond pulp in cakes , muffins , brownies etc You can dehydrate it and make flour with it !
So many things …
Post your Almond Milk making photos here or in the group !

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