Look at new ways to expand your days meals

I just love what you can do with appliances these days. Why stop at one recipe why not take it to the next level and create a number of meals in one day ?  Gone are the days of putting a roast on and using leftovers for sandwiches the next day! Why not mix it up and have a change

Roast a Pork – quick and simple in the Air fryer . At just under 2kilos this baby took just over an hour and a half and left my oven free to do other things !  and just look at that Crackling !

After you’ve cooked your pork let it cool a little and then take two forks and start shredding ! Jut pull apart and set aside for the next step

Quick and easy for a simple lunch.  Grab some pita bread , these were in the freezer , but you can make your own. Or use your own pizza base, remember its all about convenience whilst still having wholesome foods ! Spread some pizza sauce / tomato paste over the base ( recipe for making this in the Cuisine Companion is in my new eBook that is coming out – details here for the book alone or club/book bundle.
Top off with the shredded pork, add some cheese grated and Bocconcini , drizzle on some BBQ sauce ( recipe coming ) and throw in the oven for 10 minutes .

Result ? Delicious ! Quick ! Easy !

Whist in the oven chop up your left over roast pork throw in the slow cooker with all the other ingredients and dinner is ready a few hours later and all you need to do is do your mash !
The recipe for the ragu and mashed potato are here Ragu with Mashed Potato

*tip – use the Golden Cream ( also known as dutch cream ) Potatoes you will have the most amazing mash !



What meals do you like to do from one main food source ?


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