Medal Anzac Biscuits



I have two versions of Anzac Biscuits for the Cuisine Companion and this will be the 3rd version..

The updated recipe is in honour of my Dad.

In 2015 after many decades of my Dad being without his medals, and not even thinking he was entitled to any! I wrote away to the UK and found that he was in fact entitled to 2 medals for serving in WW2
He was also honoured by taking part in the AIPP Reflections Project where the Australians and the Allies who served during WW2 now have their portrait immortalised in the War Memorial.

I have 2 other Anzac Biscuit recipes on the website here but this is an updated version for 2017



125g butter
40g golden syrup
40g water
1/2 tsp bicarb
160 plain flour
110 rolled oats
90g coconut
100g Brown Sugar



Add in Butter and Golden Syrup on Speed 4 at 80 degrees for 3 minutes
Add in water and bicarb and mix 20 secs turn up to speed 8 for 10 seconds
Add in the Dry ingredients an mix speed 6 for around 30 seconds until fully combined
Then roll into small balls and slightly flatten on baking paper lined trays
Bake for approximately 15-17 minutes at 160 degrees fan forced.
Allow to cook on a baking rack