DIY Reed Diffusers with Essential Oils

Do it yourself Reed Diffusers with Essential Oils

Throw away those toxic bought reed diffusers especially the ones from the discount stores which mostly use synthetic fragrances.

Make your own personalised scent and be comfortable in the knowledge that the beautiful aroma surrounding you is doing you no harm and is actually bringing happiness and wellbeing into your home.

Essential Oils
Carrier Oil – I use Fractionated Coconut Oil ( could use almond oil )
Suitable vessel for your oil – something with a narrow neck
Bamboo Reeds – you can buy these online

Pour the ingredients into your glass measuring jug , stir with a bamboo stick and pour into your vessel. Insert bamboo sticks
Turn sticks daily or every other day

For this size vessel which is just over half full I used 1/3 of Fractionated Coconut Oil , 2 Tablespoons of Vodka and 24 drops of Essential Oils

For this blend I used 8 drops of Grapefruit , 8 drops of White Fir and 8 drops of Wild Orange

You can mix and match or use only one Essential Oil its entirely up to your own personal taste 🙂 Check out my normal Diffuser blends for ideas HERE

*NB* If you don’t have vodka you can use Rubbing alcohol OR you can just use a Carrier oil like sweet almond OR FCO with a 70/30 ration of Carrier Oil to EO’s .
The Vodka / rubbing alcohol help the scent travel up the reeds better but if you don’t use those just turn the reeds more often