Lobster Spray

Summer, School Beach Carnivals = Red Skin ! Ouch No matter how many preventative measures you take before they walk out the door, going to the Australian Beach during a School Beach Carnival is going to in the majority of cases equal some degree of red skin !
Our son is pretty good in that he keeps his hat on and wears his rashie but even he is not immune to our harsh summer rays!
His lower arms lower legs and tops of his feet copped it this time.
I’ve been trialling a variety of natural remedies since last summer including my daughter smelling like a fish and chip shop crossed with a tropical island !

Now I present you with my successful blend of doTERRA Essential Oils that has soothed the redness and heat in my son in less than 12 hours !

Lobster Spray 



Lobster Spray

3 drops Frankincense
3 drops Peppermint
3 drops Helichrysum
3 drops Lavender

Place in a 30ml Spray Bottle filled with filtered water and apply hourly or as needed.


The results are amazing in less than 12 hours ! It has significantly soothed the redness

To apply , spray on affected areas every hour or as needed , I sprayed it on twice , after his shower and then prior to bed and achieved this result.

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