Raw Chocolate Mousse Slice

Today I have done the straight version Raw Chocolate Mousse Slice

However I’ve also made a more Christmassy version by adding in some doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil ( or you can flavour with another Essential Oil like doTERRA’s Wild Orange ) making it a little bit of a surprise in a minty way or a Jaffa type style. Want to know how to get these great oils ? You can contact me HERE and read a little more about them HERE

Vegan, Dairy Free, Processed Sugar Free , Raw .. but honestly besides all of that it just tastes A M A Z I N G

Raw Chocolate Mousse Slice


Base Ingredients

150g Raw Cashews
80g Medjool Dates ( seeds removed )
40g Raw Shredded Coconut
15g Raw Cacao Powder
30g Water

Mousse Ingredients

350g Cups Raw Soaked Cashews ( 250g non soaked = approximately 350g soaked weight )
30g Raw Cacao Powder
60 Coconut Oil
60g Pure Maple Syrup
15g  Pure vanilla extract

Chocolate Topping

100g Coconut oil
50g Raw Cacao Powder
25g Pure Maple Syrup







  • Using your crushing blade add in the base ingredients on speed 12 for 1 minute empty into a square baking paper lined tray
  • Add the ingredients of the Mousse Step and mix on speed 12 for 1 minute and then scrape and repeat.
  • Place in freezer and allow to set.
  • Add the ingredients from the Chocolate Topping step and melt the coconut oil with cacao and maple syrup on speed 5 at temp 50 for 2 minutes.
  • Pour over the set Mousse & Base
  • Place in freezer and allow to set
  • Cut into portions as needed
  • Keep in Freezer or Fridge and allow to sit a few moments before serving