Strawberry Jam with Blood Orange & Vanilla Bean


This delightful strawberry jam is infused with the citrus delights of the blood orange ( can use regular orange out of of season ) and Vanilla Bean added to a gourmet addition to regular strawberry jam.



500g Strawberries Half and Half – Ripe and Not so Ripe
200 g Raw Sugar
1 Blood Orange ( if out of season use regular orange or can use a apple quartered and core removed )
1 Vanilla Bean Cut in half and slit in half 



Using the Ultrablade weigh in strawberries and sugar blitz speed 8 for 15 sec
Add in Vanilla Bean cut in half and slit
Add in Blood Red Orange Juice about 50ml and the top of the orange
Cook on Speed 4 120 Degrees for 45 mins

Check that set if not continue for another 5-10 minutes .


Pour into sterilised jars.

Tip – You can sterilise your jars with boiling water and air drying in a low oven

Tip – Pour into your jar using your lid 



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