Spaghetti Bolognese with Hidden Veg ( Cuisine Companion )


They won’t even know its healthier ….

I don’t eat red eat , but my family do and they love a good bolognese AND they are pretty fussy on it !
I like to be able to do multiple meals so that either the prep work is done for the next day OR the meal is done for the next day.
I had created this recipe for the Thermomix and now have created it for the Cuisine Companion.
If you are going to serve raw pasta like zucchini ( Zoodles ) or carrots ( Coodles ) then perhaps a less “hidden veg” tomato pasta sauce might be more to your liking – although I personally don’t think one can ever have enough veges , do you ?

You will need to prep the sauce first and for that you will need :

1 Onion Chopped into 4
2- 3 Cloves of Garlic
1 Carrot Quartered lengthways
1 Capsicum Quartered lengthways
1/2 Zucchini Quartered lengthways
30g Olive Oil
2 x 400g Diced Tomatoes OR you can use 800g Very Ripe Vine ripened Tomatoes ( increase the tomato paste to 100g )
70g Tomato paste – make your own ( Recipe coming soon for CC )
50g Red Wine optional replace with additional 50g water if you don’t want to use it
50g Water
30g Vegetable Stock
Fresh Parsley or Dried Herbs
Fresh Basil or Dried Herbs
Fresh Oregano or Dried Herbs
1 teaspoon Fennel Seeds
500g of Good Quality Beef Mince. ( or make your own )

Using Ultrablade Put Onion , Garlic and Capsicum and blitz speed 12 for 10 secs
Attach grater and using blade A grate the zucchini and carrot directly into the bowl
Remove grating attachments and fix mixer blade.
Scrape down bowl
Place 30g oil in bowl and slow cook P1 for 4 minutes 
Add tomatoes, tomato paste, red wine, water, vege stock paste, ]oregano, parsley, basil and fennel seeds
Add the mince and stir through.
Launch slow cook P2 at 90 degrees for 40 minutes

Empty out into a seperate container I use a Thermo Heat Insulated Container and set aside then rinse out Bowl and cook Spaghetti in bowl as per recipe HERE Or you can do the conventional way on the Stove Top.
I like to cook the Pasta in the CC bowl as its gives it good “wash out” after other recipes like the Bolognese !

Serve Pasta with sauce and top with grated Pecorino my preference OR Parmesan .


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