Thermoblitz “no Sausage” No Nuts Sausage Rolls ( Cuisine Companion )

Some for lunch the rest in the freezer for school lunches…
I always change this recipe around a little from my base . I have 4 versions of this recipe that I use ! ( including a brand new one with no bread and no oats ! )
This one is different again , flax seeds, chia seeds and tomato paste added…and my favourite 

1 onion quartered
1 very large garlic clove
Mixed herbs tablespoon or 2
Small bunch parsley
150 g Rolled Oats
Approx 50g Sesame Seeds
Approx 30g Linseed (flaxseeds)
Approx 30 g Chia seeds
3 Eggs
160g Danish Feta
15g Tamari Sauce
50 g Tomato Paste
150 g fresh made Bread crumbs.
4 – 5 sheets of frozen puff pastry or use your own ( depends how fat you want them )
Pre Heat Oven to 180c

Blitz Breadcrumbs Speed 12 for 20 secs scrape and do another 10
Scrape out into a separate bowl ( Or do what I mostly do and that is to store all the toppers / ends of bread loaves in the freezer  and when you have a batch break them into large pieces and do up a big batch of breadcrumbs and store in freezer ! – take out as needed )


Put Onion Garlic, Parsley and Herbs in bowl and blitz 6 secs on speed 12 for 10 seconds and scrape bowl


Add oats and blitz Speed 12 for 5 secs reduce to 10 and do another 5 secs

Scrape bowl

Add eggs, feta cheese tamari sauce, tomato paste, and all the seeds and the breadcrumbs and mix speed 8 for 15 secs .


Scrape down and mix again Speed 8 for 15 secs and check all mixed and then mix another 5 secs if needed


Have the 4 sheets of puff pastry ready and cut down the middle of each sheet


Spread mix along the long sides of the pastry sheets about 3-4 spoonfuls per half.


Roll inwards in long rolls and place onto lined trays with baking paper. Cut Rolls into half and then quarters.

Place slits diagonally 2 per Quarter roll and then brush with beaten egg

Cook for around 20 minutes