Clean & Deodorise your Cuisine Companion and Home

Make some Zest – Orange, Lemon or Lime , make some juice and then clean and deodorise your Tefal Cuisine Companion  and Home at the same time !

Posted this the last couple of years for the Thermomix and it is a well loved method so knew I needed to do it for the CC.
Lemons ,Oranges and  Limes etc


Take 6 Lemons (or other citrus) I’ve done 6 limes here as I wanted Lime Juice ! I do find Lemon is the Most Powerful

Place Crushing blade in and the Basket . Line basket with a piece of paper towel

Peel and put rind in Bowl


Grate Speed 12 for around 1 minute .
Scrape down rind and do again for another minute on speed 12. Repeat if necessary until desired result.
Alternatively you can zest with a zester if you want super fine zest and then proceed with the rest of the recipe
Empty in container for freezing in Tupperware Freezer Containers or Zip Lock Bag if you don’t have them.



Cut Lemons ( or other citrus – Lime in this case ) in half and squeeze Juice – Pour into Icecube trays and freeze

Throw the squeezed & peeled citrus fruit into the Bowl and blitz on speed 9 for around 10 secs or until mushy

Add some water about 250-500g and “cook” at on speed 4 at 100 degrees for around  10 minutes
Result ? – Shiny Bowl , deodorized Bowl , lid and seal and lovely smelling home


Tip out the contents through the Strainer cleaning through your sink drain but not clogging with the “bits” left . Throw out in the bin.

Then Rinse out and dry your Bowl, Lid and Seal etc.

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