Do you have a Stainless Steel Fridge ?


Then this post is just for you.

I own a Stainless Steel Fridge. Here it is 12 years old Looks pretty good for 12 years old with a family with kids and a dog !

I hate cleaning it . Because when I clean something I want it to look like I’ve cleaned it ! So I hate cleaning it until now

Now its a breeze.

So  I posted a photo of it on my fb page here and everyone seemed very keen on how to get it this clean .. So I thought I should share .Because after all its not really fair to not let others enjoy cleaning their stainless steel fridge too !

So here it is – 3 simple things in fact in can just be 2 simple things if you prefer – I will set out the 3 steps and you can just do 2 and 3 if you prefer.

  1. Spray with Non toxic Cleaning Spray – I use doTERRA OnGuard Cleaning Spray – you can read more about the essential oils I use here
  2. Using Paper Towel apply White Vinegar You may need to do a few applications depending on how dirty your fridge is and whether you have done step 1 or not. It should basically look like the photo at this stage . I do long sweeps from top to bottom
  3. Using paper towel ( again using long sweeps ) apply Olive Oil and then buff off in circular motion and sweeps to get a smooth fuss free finish. The oil is to repel little ( and big ) fingerprints

Let me know if you try this method and how you get on. Remember there will probably be a lot of build up of any commercial product you have used so may take a couple of go’s to get like this

You can use this method on any Stainless Steel Appliance .

Just remember to ensure that your appliance is Stainless Steel and not imitation or it could damage it.