Clean and Deodorise your Thermomix and Home

Make some Zest – Orange, Lemon or Lime , make some juice and then clean and deodorise your Thermomix and Home !

Posted this Last year and again this year on my facebook page and was well loved so thought I’d  post this on the blog..
{Thermo Tip} – Lemons (and Oranges Limes etc)
Take 6 Lemons (or other citrus) Peel and put rind in Thermomix Bowl Grate for around 10-15 secs speed 8
Empty in container for freezer
Cut Lemons ( or other citrus) in half and squeeze Juice – Pour into Icecube trays and freeze
(end of method for Oranges and Limes)
Throw the squeezed & peeled lemons into the Thermomix Bowl and blitz on speed 9 for around 10 secs or until mushy
Add some water about 250-500g and “cook” at 100 degrees speed 2 for around 10 minutes
Result ? – Shiny Bowl , deodorized Bowl , lid and seal and lovely smelling home
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#clean #timesaving #thermomix

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