BeJewelled Sparkling Cocktail


This recipe is also for a Sorbet recipe.


50 g raw sugar.
300 g Frozen Strawberries., Washed Hulled and halved
100 g Ice Blocks.
100 g Pomegranate Juice.
Lime Zest., about Half a Lime
Pomegranate Seeds., For Sprinkling Decoration
Sparkling Wine – Chamagne, As much as is required.


I prefer to make my own pomegranate juice. This will also get you your seeds Take your pomegranate and cut it in half Over a jug squeeze it gently and the inside will start to loosen and juice will also start to drip out then tap the back of the pomegranate with the flat side of a knife “knocking out” the little jewels (seeds) Some little bits of “white pith” may fall out – just pick them out.Take 1 whole pomegranates jewels and pop into Thermomix bowl and blitz for 2 seconds speed 7 releasing the juice.Take a Metal seive and hold over a jug and emoty sees out and push through the juice – discard “pulp”

Do the same thing to remove seeds from another Pomegranate but don’t juice those seeds. Keep them for decoration.

You can even incorporate them through the sorbet if you wish but I don’t recommend this when using in your cocktail.
Making the Sorbet
Mill 50g Raw Sugar with Lime Zest around 10 secs speed 9.

Add in 300 g Frozen Strawberries making sure they are broken up and not one large lump.

Blitz for around 10 secs speed 9

Add in 50g Ice and blitz for 5 secs speed 9 , add in remaining 50g Ice and blitz for around 5-10 secs speed 9 until a granita style ice.

Add in 50g Pomegranate Juice and mix for around 5 secs speed 6 and then add in the remaining 50g Pomegranate Juice and mix until a sorbet consistency around 5 secs or so.

To make the cocktail scoop out an ice cream scoop of sorbet and place into a Champagne coupe ( or if you do not have these then place into the bottom of a regular champagne glass)

If using a couple pour your sparkling or champagne around the outside of the scoop of sorbet until glass is filled. If using a regular champagne glass lower a teaspoon in and on the “back” of the teaspoon carefully pour the sparkling / champagne in until glass is filled

Sprinkle your Jewels on top (ie the pomegranate seeds!) and enjoy


Store the remaining sorbet in your freezer.