The week of sadness in Australia


This isn’t a food post or even a food related post. I’ve debated writing it but I’ve decided its ok to do so. On my facebook page I sometimes do posts that are not food related and get told “to stick to thermomixing” either privately or worse publicly. Its pretty hurtful when people say that because I’m not a robot churning out recipes and cooking tips and tricks. So many people like to interact on the page about many other topics that are current ( or even not current)  For some people in cyberworld their interaction on social media is their escape or even their social outlet.

So I’ve had a heavy heart all week.  ( even the week before) I’ve decided to write about it. Its affected my cooking this week, its affected my Christmas Spirit but I am determined to change that because I have “little people” who still believe in Santa Clause (well one does) and who love Christmas very much that are depending on me to do just that..

I was watching the Siege in Sydney on TV on Monday and I was just about to turn off the TV and go to bed at approximately 11pm when “it” happened . The scenes unfolding on my television was horrifying. Completely different to a “movie” with “good guys and bad guys”  I was having difficulty comprehending what was happening and trying to understand what the tv reporters were saying as they were also struggling to report on it all.

I had a disagreement with someone on Monday – it hardly seems important now ……..

These events that happen, the tragedy of the young cricketer, the tragedy of the little boy here in WA, the tragedy of the Sydney Siege with the loss of two innocent souls and the lifelong horrific memories that the hostages and loved ones will live with, the awful horrific tragedy in Pakistan, not in our country but so so horrific to watch that unfold and see those parents agony 😦 and then to end the week the horrific and brutal killing of 8 innocent little souls.

I’m not really sure how to put all of those events into a box and ” put it away. ”

Its hard in this day and age with all the technology around us and the social media churning out information to us. We want the information but on the other hand sometimes its just too much, too overwhelming. I’ve wanted to know what was happening about the Sydney Siege and even after it was over to see all the tributes and hear how the families of Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson were coping, to see how the rest of the hostages were doing, but then the non stop footage over and over of the actual moment that the siege came to a end , and the continuous footage of seeing the victims and hostages up at the windows after it was all ended – well its just too much.

There has to come a point when that sort of bombardment of horrific images ceases. That it ceases for the living and for those that need to heal. To have the horrific imagines continuously bombarded on television, the internet the social media and the radio (described to us)  is just too much for the human spirit to handle. Thus leading to other problems for people who may not have great support networks to break down.

Whilst we need to acknowledge the tragedies that happen, we must be mindful of how it affects us and our children. Talking about is good, talking about your feelings about it is good, but the constant images and descriptive words are not necessary. When a tragic event happens we should comfort each other and as has been seen this week show our human spirit in the best light possible

There will be more tragedies in this world and I can only hope that one day somehow , someway we will be able to find a way to live with better understanding of each other and a way to not make each other so miserable.

My heart goes out  to Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson’s family and friends.  But not only does it go out to them, it goes out to all the families that have lost a loved one.
My wish is that 2015 may be a more peaceful year .




RIP Tori and Katrina

To the victims in Pakistan and the little 8 souls in Cairns may you all RIP – your deaths will have a huge impact on many things to come in the years to come … I feel sure…it must …… laws must be changed….. services must be made better to those that need it …..World Leaders must start to work on peace and not power ……..there must be something put into place to stop the people committing acts of terror… I do not believe until that happens that the world can start to heal and be peaceful with one another.

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