Reality TV Round Up…..

Disclaimer – This blog post has nothing to do with Thermomix/Recipes/Food – well maybe slightly as there is cooking reality TV shows 😉

Ok so Reality TV – take it or leave it – I’m not Desperate to watch it or have to record it but if its on and I’m chilling at the end of the day and there isn’t anything better on the box we are inclined to watch the odd ep here of there of a variety of reality shows. We do like to watch the Food Reality shows because I do a lot of recipe creating but in general terms we are not Reality TV diehards!

But the past few weeks on Channel 10 with The wrap up of The bachelor has had us glued for the past 15 minutes of each show to see who would win … However its been the days following the finale that has really been the interesting draw card because I just can’t believe the insanity !


I was posting on my facebook page (ok maybe a tad insanely – caught up in the hype a little too much ) the various reports in the media about the comings and goings of the Bachelor 2014 much to the delight of most of my followers but unfortunately there were a handful that were less than impressed and told me in not so many words what they thought of me for posting about anything other than food, recipes and Thermomix related items !!  So I ripped all my Bachie related posts off my FB page to keep the peace but after those people left the page (voluntarily or forcibly 😉 )
many of the other page likers contacted me and said hey what happened to the posts ( I have to admit they had lots of humor in them and they were a bit of light hearted fun)
So rather than “flood” the FB page with Bachie or other non food / recipe / Thermomix related posts I thought maybe I’d do a wrap up style post from time to time on my blog… That way people can choose to read or not !

So now that thats out the way a few things that have caught my eye:

Lisa says Bachie isn’t seeing anyone else
Bachie asks who is this person who officially gave the word to New Idea that he was seeing Louise
Lisa says she didn’t sleep with Blake during the show or after therefore she isn’t pregnant ( really who starts these crazy rumors and why is it anyone elses business if they did or didn’t !)
Now some woman who was “dating” Blake just before the TV Reality show started filming has had her two cents worth to say.  I wonder if she got paid more than 2cents 😉 being the motivating factor – to spill the beans on her “ex” seriously ? you date someone for a few weeks and they are your “ex” ? really ?
Kind of like being engaged to someone for a few days on a reality show and then referring to them as your ex-fiance when you have broken up ???

You can read about the expose on poor Blake here Blake and his Cabbage Patch Dolls – True or False ?

Reality TV is far from Real ! Take the Bachelor for example… All the fancy dates that the girls were taken on regularly are not real unless you’re Brad Pitt or George Clooney or super rich that you can afford private chopper rides and so on.. I think the most real date was the one that Laurina went out on to the Ten Pin Bowling ! Now that is real life and sadly she was set up , as in to be all dressed up with no where to go ! Had she of been in jeans and a tee I am sure she would have reacted differently!


I think I have maybe watched The Block a handful of times usually at the end of the famous building TV shows weeks but this year I haven’t watched it all so I really don’t know the contestants or what they did and didn’t do.
However I have read this today and I am just amazed – Amazed that people feel entitled to win and win BIG !!
That they put their lives on hold and how dare they not come away with fame and fortune ? I have to say whilst I feel really sorry for those people that don’t win and don’t get great compensation for the time , effort and emotions they invested in these shows I have to ask the question “Were you forced to partake” ?

Even in real life (ie not on TV) it doesn’t always work out the way you want I know right ! shock and horror right !
But that is what happens, you can put your house on the market, with all the positive signs out there with a strong market and bam something can happen in the market place , be it something overseas that influences the market or something on home soil, and suddenly all the plans you have of selling your home quickly and moving on with your new plans go out the window….

You can read about The Block here from Melissa Hoyers Perspective – Now it might be a slightly non compassionate view point but to be fair she has hit the nail on the head. Reality TV is just that TV for your entertainment – People sign up to it hoping for fame, fortune and for some the experience but mostly the fame and fortune 😛

Currently while I’m having some lunch and writing this there is a re-run on TV of the finale of The Block and the comments I’m hearing is “I’ll miss the adrenalin” ” I’m missing it already” ” The Block has been the best experience of my life ”
This Link is a wrap up of the winners and the profits made by the various contestants . Whilst I really do understand people being disappointed in their finale results I don’t think they can threaten to sue . I think people watch previous years shows and think wow that looks easy/fun/exciting and go into it somewhat blindly

I think the reason people are attracted to watching Reality TV is that although it is TV the people are in fact Real People and the sort of things that happen to them do actually happen in real life ! People’s hearts get broken, people renovate their homes, people build new homes, people lose money, people buy and sell houses , people fight , couples argue , all of these things happen in real life too… so people watching can and do identify with those people on TV in some small or large way.
Of course there are people that state they flat our refuse to watch Reality TV and that’s fine too.

For me it will continue to be the same as I’ve always been . If its on and its of interest I’ll watch it.. If its in the media consistently and flooding my news feed I’ll probably take a bigger interest in it and I’ll probably want to comment on it 😉

I personally think there is too much Reality TV shows out there – but it seems to be a ratings earner for the various networks and at the end of the day it if makes the networks the Big Bucks it stays and if it does

Do you watch Reality TV ? What are your favorite shows ? Do you think contestants are entitled to get upset if they don’t get the pay off at the end of the show that they wanted ? ……




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