Giving it ALL up – is it the right thing to do – for you ?

Just to be clear about my previous statement regarding Sugar Free September. If you notice many of my recipes are refined sugar free where possible and I am still on a learning journey myself ( I don’t profess to know everything and I never will) about switching foods in and out and making them all work. Where possible I will reduce sugar in recipes OR use non refined sugar like Maple Syrup Raw Honey dates etc.
I do NOT think Sugar is a “food group” But Fruit is. My comment was a general ” don’t cut out a complete food group” Nowhere did I say sugar is a food group. I’m sorry if you drew that conclusion.
If you want to give up sugar for September I say good on you. But what I stated and will continue to state is if you are going to stop ALL sugars refined and natural you need to see a health professional. Be it a Natropath , dietician or GP. Some people ARE Confused by “sugar free September” and think they have to cut it all out.
If you want to “Quit Sugar” completely including all fruits and so on you should seek an opinion from a health professional. People online do not know you, they do not know your history. You should not take advice from a Page advocating cutting something completely from your intake {again I am talking about ALL sugars inclusive of Fruit here)
How anyone can disagree with that and say its fine to do it and that because THEY felt better everyone should do it is beyond me. We are all different . We all have different bodies and health histories.
For example Coconut Sugar and Rapadura Sugar are advocated as a healthy alternative to Refined Sugar – But I am violently intolerant of them ( I learned that the hard way) I am Violently allergic to the materials used in Root canals – I bet many of you on here have one of those or know of someone who does and are perfectly fine with them.
We are All different and we must take in all this knowledge from all these pages websites blogs and use it to help us on our food and health journeys I completely agree with that but if you are going to make a drastic change to your diet do it under the guidance of a health Professional PLEASE.
Giving up REFINED Sugar for September is a GREAT idea and certainly one I would say is fine to do without seeing a health professional. Just don’t cut out the fruit ! and maple syrup and dates and other natural sugars are perfectly fine in moderation i.e. not in every single thing you consume !