Chicken Nugget Surprise





Chicken Nugget Surprise

Today whilst doing my grocery shopping my eyes were drawn to [1/2 price chicken goujons] down to $8 for this large pack of Crumbed Chicken Breast Bites.. I stopped my trolley , I stared at the fridge ( I haven’t bought these things for years) I stepped over to the fridge door , tentatively looking at the door… They were after all “Made from Chicken Breast”  ” No artificial colors and flavors” ” School Canteen Approved”
I’d had such a busy week… I was tired , feeling under the weather.. these would be great for the kids – quick dinner…all these thoughts milling in my head as I opened the door and put my hand out and grabbed a pack.
Turned them over and took one look at a list longer than my shopping list with numbers and various other things and quickly threw the pack back in and shut the door shaking my head !

So this afternoon I took one chicken breast , a few other ingredients and made these beauties !

Kids demolished them and they took all of 10 minutes to prepare 🙂


You will need
4 Slices of bread ( I used a multigrain bread here- gives it a nice texture You can also use my Wholemeal/White/Chia Mix loaf HERE )
Approx 300g Chicken Breast
40g Vege Stock Paste ( you can use less if you prefer)
tsp Mixed Herbs
Few slices of Brie Cheese
Olive Oil Spray
2 Eggs

Blitz Bread slices broken into quarters on Speed 9 about 3-5 secs until crumbs. Empty out and set aside
Put chopped up chicken Breast into bowl and blitz on speed 7 for around 3-4 seconds
Add Vegetable Stock Paste and Mixed Herbs
Mix on Speed 5 for around 3 seconds
Beat 2 eggs in a bowl
Lightly spray Lined Tray with oil

Make shapes with  chicken mix in your hands and pat breadcrumbs around them , dunk in the egg and then back into the breadcrumbs
and set on tray.

Cut small pieces of Brie Cheese , make small slits in the side of the nuggets and pop the cheese in , squish sides together.

Lightly spray tops with oil.

Cook in a 190-200degree oven for around 30 minutes










One thought on “Chicken Nugget Surprise

  1. I don’t have a thermomix but have a knock of one. I made these and they were great. So simple. Will be doing this again. Thanks


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