Chicken Stock Paste


So very excited to bring this recipe to you. I use Chicken Stock Paste all the time. I don’t eat red meat so we have a lot of chicken dishes. I really love the depth of chicken paste as opposed to just having Vege Stock Paste.
There are not many recipes around for Chicken Stock Paste because they are limited in what you can do with them ! !
The Thermomix EDC has a chicken stock paste recipe in it and up until now I have used Quirky Cooking’s stock paste recipe.
I prefer not to use Chicken Thighs. I also wanted more paste as I have to make it too often ! So I have developed this recipe.
Which makes 750g of Paste AND 600mls of Liquid Stock
This tastes amazing even though its a paste and very very salty ..I hope you love it too. Let me know

*** Please note*** pastes cooked at such high temps can slightly leave slight scorch marks , these are super light and easily removed with soaking and using a brush or scrubby. The time I used today was 30 minutes cooking time , I am going to reduce this to 20 – 25  minutes next time and see how that goes and will update the recipe.

Don’t waste the residual paste left in the bowl.. add 500grams of water and blitz on speed 7 for 10 secs – I then got nearly 600 mls of liquid stock which I will use in a meal today.

Chicken Stock Paste Recipe

350g Chicken Breast Diced
400g Carrot, Celery and Zucchini – This equated to 2 small carrots, 2 pieces of celery and 1 small zucchini – diced1 medium Onion Quartered
3 Garlic Cloves
Parsley – few stems
Coriander – few stems
Rosemary – few Stems of leaves minus the stalk
2 x Bay Leaves whole
150g Rock Salt
60g White wine – this goes so well with chicken. It is cooked off so its more about adding to the flavor – don’t forget to use a quality wine.

Into the TMX Bowl add chicken , Veges and all Herbs
Blitz on Speed 5 for 15 Seconds.

Add Rock Salt and Wine
Mix 3 secs Speed 5

Remove MC and replace with Strainer
Cook 30 minutes – Varoma Speed 2 (check after 20 minutes and if cooked omit last 10mins)

Remove Strainer and replace with MC. Blend on Speed 7 to 8 for 1 Minute

This made nearly 2 complete trays of Paste. and 600mls of stock liquid
I always freeze my paste. Being chicken I prefer this.
You can leave some out in the fridge in a glass jar for a week, but on the safe side I wouldn’t leave it any longer. So just enough for a weeks cooking.
It also makes it so easy for recipes as each cube weighs 30g in my tupperware ice cube trays.
Stock Pastes will not freeze solid due to the salt content. So they do need to remain in the trays.