Bolognese with Hidden Veg Tomato Pasta Sauce




I don’t eat red eat , but my family do and they love a good bolognese AND they are pretty fussy on it !
I like to be able to do multiple meals so that either the prep work is done for the next day OR the meal is done for the next day.

I have now created this recipe and served it to them for the first time and it was a resounding smash hit.

If you are going to serve raw pasta like zucchini or carrots then perhaps a less “hidden veg” tomato pasta sauce might be more to your liking – although I don’t think one can ever have enough veges , do you ?

You will need to prep the sauce first and for that you will need :

1 Carrot roughly chopped
1 Small Capsicum chopped into quarters
1 Onion
1/2 Zucchini
3 Cloves of Garlic
20g Olive Oil
900g Ripe Vine ripened Tomatoes
70g Tomato paste – make your own using my recipe HERE
50g Red Wine _ optional -replace with eadditional 50g water if you don’t want to use it)
50g Water
20g Vegetable Stock
1 teaspoon Fennel Seeds

500g of Diced Meat OR Mince. This recipe is great for keeping your bolognese chunkier. So using store bought mince is fine. I prefer using diced meat so I know what goes into the mince, the family prefers pre minced and as they eat it ….. but I do buy a good quality mince from the local butcher rather than a supermarket !

Put Carrot and Capsicum into Bowl and chop on speed 7 for 3 secs
Set aside and just scrape out bowl, no need to wash

Put Onion and Garlic into bowl and chop Speed 5 for 3 secs
Add 20g Oil
Saute for 3 minutes at 100 degrees on speed 1
Add Tomatoes and Zucchini and chop Speed 5 for 8 secs
Add Carrot and Capsicum
Add Tomato Paste, Red Wine, Water, Vege Stock Paste, Parsley, Basil and Fennel Seeds
And cook for 25 minutes Varoma Temp Reverse speed 1

This will make around 1 Litre of Sauce
Leave around 700g Of Sauce in bowl and add 500g of mince meat.
(Omit these steps if just making Vege Pasta Sauce for another dish -If just making for the sauce then recipe is finished)
Continue here For making Bolognese
Cook for 8 minutes at 100 degrees on Reverse Speed Soft .

Check that cooked through if not continue for another 1-2 minutes.


Serve with pasta. I do Spaghetti on the stove whilst the sauce is cooking, however if you are doing raw pasta like zucchini you can semi steam in the Varoma whilst Sauce cooking – towards the end. Or just serve Bolognese over cold raw pasta.

You can also cook a variety  of other items in the varoma whilst the sauce is cooking. Extra Veges, chicken for using in other dishes etc.

With the remainder of the sauce pour into pre sterilized jars OR freeze. I usually end up using the sauce the next day with my Chicken Parmigiana recipe .

This is such a versatile sauce. The Fennel seed does add a unique flavor – it is optional.


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