Coconut Milk


Lets talk about Coconut Milk…
I used to buy tinned coconut milk for making curries and so on, pre thermomix days. I bought the Ayam brand as I believed that it was fine no preservatives etc. However since having my thermomix and being able to make my own I’ve done some more research into tinned coconut milk, even preservative free ones.
Lets talk
Price – I used to purchase Coles Shredded Coconut for $2.50 approx for 500g. However this does have a preservative in it So I have switched some time ago to an Organic Shredded coconut from Loving Earth.
300 g of shredded coconut plus 900g of filtered water and 10minutes makes around 600g of coconut milk The Shredded Coconut from Coles cost me approx $1.50 for the 300g of shredded coconut ! Its even less when bought in bulk. And of course no preservative in organic Shredded coconut.
A Can of Ayam coconut milk  (costs around $3.50 for 270mls !!!!
Taste – The taste quite frankly just doesn’t compare to tinned coconut milk, its completely fresh and full of flavor
Other health factors – Tinned Cans contain BPA
BPA is used in the lining of certain canned foods. BPA especially leaches into canned foods that are acidic, salty or fatty, such as coconut milk, tomatoes, soup, and vegetables.
Women who are trying to get pregnant, pregnant or breastfeeding, children and other vulnerable populations (chronically ill): should avoid canned coconut milk products except for those that are BPA-free, like Native Forest and Arroy-D. Note: Native Forest is organic, but Arroy-D is not.
People with digestive problems (IBS, IBD, GERD, etc.): may want to avoid coconut products entirely, except for coconut oil
Healthy people: may be fine with canned coconut milk, provided they don’t react to the guar gum, and provided they’re willing to take the side of industry scientists that claim BPA doesn’t cause harm in humans
Cheong Liew, chef at Adelaide’s The Grange, says that unless they are lined with plastic, tinned coconut milk has a tainted flavour. – I have to say I agree with him even if they are lined with plastic !

For me – once I made coconut milk , when I was on my “thermomix milk making discovery tour” I’ve never looked back and only rarely have a can of plastic lined coconut cream in my pantry for emergency use.

I buy Loving Earth Brand of Organic Shredded coconut now, in bulk and Just love the taste.

How to make your own Coconut Milk –

300g shredded coconut Blitz for about 7 secs on speed 9
900 g filtered water (my personal preference)
Heat at 100degrees for 10 minutes on speed 4
Blitz for 30 secs on speed 8
AS its hot I use a metal sieve to get my initial quantity of milk that I need and then when its cooled I use my nut milk bag and get another 200 – 300 g (or more) of milk.


With the left over pulp you can dehydrate it and use it for making coconut flour or add the pulp to recipes

4 thoughts on “Coconut Milk

    1. Only a couple of days 3 at most.
      The cream will separate which you can just shake to mix
      You can Freeze Coconut milk beautifully. Again it will separate so just mix


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