Not Sausage Rolls No Nuts Version 2


Thermoblitz “no Sausage” NO NUTS No Bread No Oats Sausage Rolls

Some for lunch the rest in the freezer for school lunches…
I always change this recipe around a little from my base

This time I removed the Bread and Oats !
1/2 an onion
1 very large garlic clove
Mixed herbs tablespoon or 2
Approx 50g Sesame Seeds
Approx 30g Linseed (flaxseeds)
Approx 30 g Chia seeds
3 Eggs
160g Danish Feta
15g Tamari Sauce
400g Cooked Brown Rice – Approx 200g Uncooked Rice
3 sheets of frozen puff pastry or use your own
Pre Heat Oven to 180c

Cook Rice 200g Brown Rice and 1.2 litres of water. Put rice in basket turn on speed 5 for 30 secs Empty water , rinse under tap for final rinse and refill tmx jug with 1.2 litres of water. Place basked of rinsed rice in and cook for 35 minutes varoma speed 4.
NOTE: You can always cook up some veges etc  in the varoma tray for another dish at the same time

Put Onion, Garlic,  and Herbs in bowl and blitz 6 secs on speed 6
Add 300g of the rice Add eggs, feta cheese tamari sauce, and all the seeds and mix speed 6 for 15 secs . Scrape down and check all mixed and then add in the remaining 100g of rice. Mix for 5 secs on speed 2.
Give a stir with spatula and allow to sit for around 5 minutes , the mix will be slightly sloppy so the 5 minutes the rice will absorb excess liquid.
Meanwhile prepare the 3 sheets of puff pastry ready  and cut down the middle of each sheet
Spread mix along the long sides of the pastry sheets about 3-4 spoonfuls per half.
Roll inwards in long rolls and place onto lined trays with baking paper. Cut Rolls into half and then quarters.
Place slits diagonally 2 per Quarter roll and then brush with beaten egg or a milk/water wash
Cook for around 20 minutes

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