Fish Free Umami Paste




Fish Free Umami Paste  by Thermoblitz Mixing Food and Life  – Features in Tenina Holders two books Keeping It Simple Recipes for a Thermomix & The Convenient Vegetarian 

Fish Free Umami Paste

300 g Roma tomatoes., Quartered
90 g Parmesan Cheese Cubed.
80 g Toasted Walnuts.
6-8 portions Mushrooms Medium size., whole washed mushrooms.
6 tablespoons Tamari Sauce to soak mushrooms
5 g Balsamic Vinegar.

Cut Mushrooms into slices and soak in Tamari Sauce for at least 3 hours turning them over a few times Ensure that mushrooms are thoroughly soaked in Tamari Sauce

Use a deyhydrator or slow oven around 50-100degrees to dry out mushrooms.

A good few hours They do not need to be Crisp but they need to be fairly dried out so they can be blitzed

Blitz mushrooms on speed 6 for about 5 secs .

So long as they look like the photo shown here in the yellow bowl I used about 7 mushrooms and made about 4 tablespoons of the dried mushroom.

You can use 4-6 tablespoons of dried mushroom

Place tomatoes into Thermomix bowl and cook for 10 min at 100 degrees on reverse at speed 1.

Cool Tomatoes and press through a fine sieve and separate tomato solids from tomato Liquid.

I ended up with 100g of tomato liquid and then I put the tomato solids in the oven on a slow heat to dry out and made Sun dried tomatoes

Place Parmesan and walnuts into clean, dry Thermomix bowl and blitz for 8secs on speed 9.

Add remaining ingredients and blend 30 seconds on speed 4