Florentines and Florentina Slice

100g Brazil Nuts
100 g Almonds
100 g Shelled Pistachios
65g Sultanas
70g Cranberries.
50 g Cornflakes
100g Butter
50g Rice Malt Syrup
100g Lindt 70% Chocolate bar

Blitz for 1-2 secs only the nuts OR just chop as it can make some bits too small
Add in the Fruit components
and mix for about 10 secs on reverse speed 1
Set Aside in a bowl
Add in 100g Butter and 50g Rice malt Syrup to the TMX Bowl and melt for 3minutes 100degrees speed 2

Add in the fruit cornflakes and nuts and mix through speed 1 for a few seconds until mixed through

Into a 180degree preheated oven add the florentine mix

There are a couple of ways to make these
1. Use Cupcake patty cases and drop spoonfuls into the bottom
2. drop spoonfuls directly onto the tray on baking paper

Cook for around 10minutes until golden in color and bubbling slightly.
Allow to cool on tray and then turn over the florentines

Meanwhile in a clean and dry tmx bowl grind chopped chocolate for 10 secs Speed 8
Then Melt chocolate for 2mins at 50 degrees on speed 3

Then Spread the bases of the florentines with the melted chocolate and allow to set

Turn over when completely set (speed up process in fridge if you like )

Alternatively if you want to make the slice pour the fruit and nut mix out onto a lined baking tray in a neat rectangle
Follow the above steps and when it gets to cooled stage flip over between two pieces of baking paper and spread the chocolate over the base.
When set flip back over and slice