Global Ikasu 7pc Knife Block Set Review

Whether you are a chef in a restaurant or a cook in your own home, having a excellent set of knives is imperative. Knives are one of those items that you use on a daily basis, they get a fair amount of wear and tear so you really need to have a dependable set that can do the job, and be reliable.

Global knives are world renowned and feature in many chefs and home cooks kitchens

This is the Global Ikasu knife block set and along with the fabulous bamboo stand which features an acrylic see through front and back.

There are 6 knives in the set:

  • 8cm Paring Knife
  • 11cm Utility Knife
  • 13cm Cook’s Knife
  • 14cm Vegetable Knife
  • 20cm Cook’s Knife
  • 22cm Bread Knife

I recently received the Ikasu knife block set and tested the knives out. There is nothing like a precision cut to make your cooking easier.
I took some photos of the vegetable knife in action ( see below ) and tested out the other knives which handled with just as much ease and precision with –
-chopping breast chicken quickly using the 13cm cooks knife
-cutting a fresh bread loaf easily with the 22cm bread knife
-trimmed some fat off steak with the 11cm utility knife
-quartered my pink lady apple using the 8cm paring knife with ease and was a delight to handle

This is the 14cm vegetable knife in action dicing an onion and some garlic.


The knives not only look good, they weigh (surprisingly) very little and they cut with quick and accurate precision.

At just under $320 at Everten with free postage this really is a compact, brilliant set of knives to acquire for your kitchen. You can purchase the Global Ikasu knife block set here

Made in Japan and with a lifetime guarantee these knives are sure to be a winner in your kitchen.

Everten as a company to deal with is spot on, with fast shipping and speedy transactions. Prior to this set of knives I have purchased Solidteknic pans from Everten and it has been effortless transactions from the beginning of the order to the receiving of the product.
Everten are also a company that is moving with the environmental consideration factor by streamlining their shipping with new packaging to lessen the impact on the environment.

For me that is a big tick. I ❤ companies that are finding ways to lessen their footprint on our environment.
I will talk about Solditeknic pans in the not to distant future as well, as this is a company that has amazing ethos with regards to that.




Disclaimer: Mixing Food and Life  was provided a Global Ikasu 7pc Knife Block set by Everten to review. Prices featured are correct at time of publishing 11th March 2018 See disclaimers for further details.