Quick Reference guide on converting a Thermomix recipe to a Cuisine Companion recipe



Guess what ! I have my newly completed conversion chart up  – I owned a Thermomix for 4+ years and developed recipes over that time 🙂
Those recipes are still on this website for Thermomix users.

NOTE: Since writing this conversion chart at the beginning of 2017 I have as of May 2018 stopped using a CC and gone back to using a TMX although its the updated digital version the TM5.  This post goes into some of the details regarding that decision.

I’ve been converting my own recipes from the Thermomix ones to the Cuisine Companion over the past 1+ years of owning a Cuisine Companion.
Knowing the two machines made that a lot easier to do.
One of the main questions I see is ” How do I do this Thermomix recipe in the Cuisine Companion ” Its not always as simple as increasing speed by the same amount each time or upping the temp by the same amount each time , the two machines are completely different, although both have the same ” thermo ” cooking concept.
The Thermomix runs with a fixed 4 pronged blade , ( and has the butterfly attachment , but the 4 prong blade still remains intact ) The Cuisine Companion doesn’t have a fixed blade. It has 4 different attachments that do 4 very different things.
This chart should help with that TMX to CC Guidelines

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Quick Reference guide for converting from the Thermomix to the Tefal Cuisine Companion