Showcasing the new Tefal Snacking and Baking accessory for the OptiGrill+

A few months ago I received the OptiGrill+ from Tefal and its a fabulous product . Especially when you don’t have an outside BBQ ! this is like having a BBQ without the bugs Ha ! We have beautiful grilled steaks , chicken , Kebabs and toasted sandwiches on the OptiGrill+ – It is a fab little machine and you can find out more about it here Tefal OptiGrill+

On Friday I received delivery of the new Tefal Snacking & Baking Accessory which fits the OptiGrill+ Check out this video of it in action Tefal Baking Accessory

Today I made my Zucchini Slice Recipe and Cooked it in the new Tefal Optigrill Snacking and Baking Accessory – In fact I used 4 Tefal products to make this yummy slice – The Cuisine Companion Grater Shredder Accessory , the Cuisine Companion , the Optigrill+ and the Optigrill+ Snacking and Baking Accessory and I didn’t have to ” heat up ”  my house by using the oven !
No Baking Paper, No sticking , Just a beautiful and easy slice !

Check it out below !










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