Easy cost saving drinking chocolate in the Cuisine Companion

How many of you have drinking chocolate in your pantry ?

How many of you sprinkle drinking chocolate on things ?

I use drinking chocolate on top of my Cappuccino’s and my daughter has a sprinkling of it on her rice bubbles (if she has them for breakfast) as we don’t buy coco pops – having rice bubbles with drinking choc is a far healthier alternative
I have bought the organic Drinking Chocolate previously and there are a couple of different ones but they still have “other things” in them.
One major selling organic one in the supermarket is only 23% cacao and then it has (organic??) skim milk powder and “natural flavour” 

So I decided to make my own a couple of years ago. That post is HERE and is for the Thermomix

So now I have written this up with the instructions for the Cuisine Companion – Enjoy !

Cost Saving Drinking Chocolate in your Cuisine Companion 

100g Raw Sugar (you can use coconut or rapadura if you can have these although the coconut will change the taste slightly)
50g Organic Cacao (I use the Loving Earth Brand)

Using the Ultrablade Blitz the sugar on Speed 12 for 30 Seconds
Add Cacao and blitz on about Speed 12 for 30 Seconds, scrape and repeat.





Thats it ! Considering a teeny tiny container of “Organic” Drinking Chocolate is around $8 this is also a great money saver and only 2 Ingredients !.
Store in a dry seal proof container.

Also could I ask you if you make this would you mind popping a comment below 🙂