DACA The Easiest Health Food



I have been making this since 2012 and now I have put it together here in a post for Cuisine Companion Owners to enjoy too.

You will need

3 Medjool Dates Pitted
1 Apple – Red or Green Quartered remove the Core
50g Coconut – I use Loving Earth’s Shredded Coconut – truly beautiful Quality and Organic
50g Raw Almonds

Into the Cuisine Companion Bowl Place all the ingredients.

Speed 12 for 10 seconds scrape down and around and repeat on Speed 12 for another 10 seconds . There may be one of two larger pieces of date but don’t worry about trying to make them smaller or you will make everything else too small.


Serve as a topping on Plain Greek Yoghurt or eat on its own . Serve with Oats . Replace the Dates with Apricots – there are so many combinations to make this yummy healthy food although I personally prefer the way it is 🙂

Hint – If keeping for longer than a day squeeze a little lemon juice through to keep the apple from browning 

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