Delicious Gravy in the Cuisine Companion

So Sunday we had a yummy Roast for Lunch, something we haven’t had for a while. We went through having a roast every weekend and I ended up sick of the sight of Roasts !
So this weekend I did Roast Pork ( with yummy crackling ) & Various Veges. I created this new recipe for Gravy and I have to say its delicious and one of the best I have made .
It also gave me the chance to use my Mums Beautiful Vintage Dishes that have been passed down to me. Gorgeous Vintage Blue Sprayware Phoenix dishes from the 50’s . I remember growing up that we would have many special Sunday Lunches with the family using this fabulous set.
Do you have special Dishes passed down that you use ?

The next day I  turned the left over cooked pork into a Yummy Slow Cooker Ragu which I will post the recipe for in another post

Let me know how you like the Gravy !


Gravy in the Cuisine Companion

1 onion Halved
20g Oil
250g Water
30g Flour
15g Vege Stock
20g Tamari Sauce
40g Cream
20g Dijon Mustard

Blitz Onion in the bowl speed 12 for 10 seconds using Ultrablade
Scrape down
Add Oil
Press the Automated Slow Cook temp  130 for 4 minutes
Add the water, flour ,vege stock paste and Tamari Sauce
Select speed 5 at 90 degrees for 5 mins
Add in Cream and Dijon Mustard
Mix at speed 5 at 90 degrees for 5 minutes


If you don’t like it with ‘bits’ in then you can sieve out the onion but it tastes delicious with it in .
If you don’t have Tamari you can use Soy Sauce or leave it out but Tamari does have a distinctive flavour and I use it in a lot of my recipes it is also Gluten Free and has none of the nasties that are in Soy Sauce.


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