Poached Eggs in the Cuisine Companion

I Love Eggs

I Love Eggs that you can do simply with no mess

I love Poached Eggs

12-14 Minutes , walk away and leave whilst doing something else and come back to perfectly cooked , no mess no fuss poached eggs ! What could be better

Fill your CC Bowl with 700ml to 1 litre of water – no attachment needed

Next  grab your silicone patty cases or any dish that will hold your eggs. These are the best I find for steaming. I don’t personally use silicon in the oven but I am happy to steam with it ! ) You can fit 4 – up to 5 at a squeeze in the internal steamer .

That will change with the launch of the new External Steamer this month !! Where you will be able to do eggs in large Quantities

Where you will also be able to steam other foods using the internal or External steamer parts depending on where you put your eggs and how many eggs you have poaching . The possibilities are many !

With your silicone Patty case give them a light spray on the inside and place in the steamer basket



I find it best to crack your egg into a little dish a) to make sure its fresh and b) to ensure no spill in the bowl. Then pour into the silicone cases

No need for any speed here Just set  your temperature to 100 degrees and then the time for 13 minutes . Press Start !

Thats it !

Now go do something else and come back to beautiful eggs.

#please note egg time will take between 12 -14 minutes depending on how you like your eggs and also the temperature of your water to start with .





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