Introducing the Tefal Cuisine Companion

So here we are …. a new cooking adventure with my brand new kitchen appliance the Cuisine Companion by Tefal

I am so excited to be on this new journey learning a brand new machine and exploring new and exciting recipes plus revisiting all my old recipes with fresh eyes and new recipes !

I can hear lots of gasps and many questions “but what about the Thermomix” “but what about us” “what about all your recipes that you have on here and your facebook page created using the Thermomix… ”
Well let me just put your fears at ease in that all the recipes based around using the Thermomix TM31 will remain right here on this page.  Having said that I would ask that you please read my disclaimer HERE

All the Thermomix recipes I have previously created will remain
( I am working my way through putting them all into a parent category – Thermomix Recipes to make it easier for you to find them )
However I am no longer going to be creating any new recipes in the Thermomix.

With that being covered I would now like to share my new venture – Introducing the Tefal Cuisine Companion

From the Tefal Website

Tefal are proud to announce that the highly anticipated Cuisine Companion is here!

Made in France, the Tefal Cuisine Companion is an all-in-one, kitchen wonder machine that creates amazing dishes at the touch of a button. A cooking-capable food processor and more, Cuisine Companion replaces up to ten appliances in the kitchen and is perfect for chopping, whipping, mixing, kneading, cooking, steaming, blending, stirring, emulsifying, whisking, searing, crushing, milling and precise heating.

If you love fantastic food and are in the market for an all-in-one kitchen appliance that changes the way you cook, now’s your chance to learn more! Brought to you by the French company that has provided home cooks around the world with ingenious and inspiring cooking solutions for 150 years.

With replacing numerous other kitchen appliances you will be saving space and funds !
You will be able to create amazing cuisine and fill your fridge and freezer with glorious food.

The Cuisine Companion comes with 4 attachments that are stored in this neat little storage container


  • Ultrablade – chops, mixes and blends
  • Kneading/Crushing Blade – kneads dough and chops tough ingredients
  • Beater – for emulsifying, whipping and beating egg whites
  • Stirrer – to stir and homogenize cooked dishes

The Cuisine Companion also comes with an internal Stainless Steel Steam Basket – for gentle steam cooking


Accessories included in the pack also include a Spatula and a Cleaning Brush

You also receive your very own –
Welcome Pack with Digital Kitchen Scale with precision to 1 gram
Cuisine Companion Apron
Quick Guide Fridge Magnet
1 Million Menus cookbook which has
100 starters, 100 mains and 100 desserts in unique 3-part-menu creation book
Access to the Cuisine Companion online recipe sharing community – Cuisine Companion Club
Access to members-only offers and promotions

Check out Tefals video – Unpacking the box to see everything you receive here 

Why are the scales separate and not integrated into the machine ? I believe this is two fold , one so that the weight increment is in 1 gram measurements giving a far more accurate measurement very important in baking ! and also so your food items are measured before adding in to other ingredients !
Another Fantastic feature of these scales is that they weigh up to 5 kilos !

In April the company is launching the very exciting NEW Accessories of a external steamer and wait for it a

GRATER / SHREDDER !!! can you believe that ! You will be able to grate / shred straight into the bowl ! Then store the accessory in the Bowl !

Watch below with the external steamer attachment and the Grater/shredder accessory.



Lets talk Size ! Size really does matter because its the difference between leftovers for lunch the next day or not HA ! Or just to feed a bigger family. With a large 2.5 bowl with a total working capacity of 4.5 litre you really are able to feed a large family and or have leftovers .

For the special things in my kitchen I have never been anything but a Hand Wash kind of gal but all parts are 100% dishwasher safe .

Lets talk Ease ! We all have busy lives and we want to simplify and make things less time consuming with the Cuisine Companion you have six automated functions available to you & a manual function.


Sauce , Soup, Slow Cook, Steam, Pastry, Dessert and Manual




So if you are all still here and reading and not fallen off your chair in shock  check out this video of the Tefal Cuisine Companion in action from Tefal  – Floating Islands

Change can be scary but Change can also be amazing and I am really excited to be on this new path  I will be posting all about the features and functions and awesome recipes in the upcoming weeks and months. Along with all the regular posts and giveaways that I do.
So be sure to stick around and if you have a Tefal Cusine Companion please let me know as there is also a Private Facebook Group you can join with me that is fantastic for the Cuisine Companion owners to discuss their machine and share recipes etc. But also for any one else who wants to learn about the Cuisine Companion.



Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.15.16 AM


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4 thoughts on “Introducing the Tefal Cuisine Companion

  1. Hello,

    I have just purchased a Tefal Cuisine Companion this week. I am excited to have one, and look forward to using it. I tried the Ham and Pea Risotto tonight but it was a failure!!. I think it might have been that I used Brown rice, as i had run out of white rice and it tasted too oily, and wasn’t very tasty! I will try again! I was rather pleased to find your website, using the Tefal Cuisine Companion machine. Is there any published books (other than the one provided with the machine), that shows ‘ordinary’ recipes to follow. Thanks.




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