Buckwheat Gluten Free Wraps

I made these back in September 2015 and am just blogging them now !



100g Buckwheat Flour

25g Arrowroot Flour

Pinch of Salt

3 Large Eggs

150g Milk

100g Water

1 teaspoon Olive Oil

Throw in the flours and eggs and mix on speed 4 for around 20 secs then add in the milk/water mix in 3 stages and mix on speed 4 for around 45 secs add in the oil and mix speed 4 until combined

Wipe a small amount of butter in the pan to start and use some as needed as you go along.

Cook on each side until bubbles appear and are slightly browned .

Stack on a Plate and fill with whatever your heart desires !

Can be frozen layering with baking sheet in between.