4 My Earth Giveaway

I am so happy to present this giveaway to you. So many people are turning away from plastic bags , plastic wrap and so on not just because of the worry of toxic chemicals on their food but also for the environment.

I am so happy to present this giveaway to you. So many people are turning away from plastic bags , plastic wrap and so on not just because of the worry of toxic chemicals on their food but also for the environment.

4 My Earth is an Australian Company that produces these amazing food wraps, food covers, bread bags , produce bags , snack bags , lunch bags and MORE !



Food covers-

Made from high quality cotton canvas so they will last you years!
4MyEarth reusable food covers will rid your fridge of plastic wrap and keep your food fresh time and time again.
Our covers are not just used to cover left over’s, use on cut up vegetables or  fruit such as rockmelon, watermelon etc.
Also great to have at an outdoor BBQ or Picnic to keep the bugs off of your food when no one is eating.
Pack contains 4 pieces.

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Bread Bags-
4MyEarth Bread Bag is designed especially for carrying and storing your bread. Whether you make your own or buy it from your local baker there is now an option to reduce your use of single use or plastic bags with a strong, long lasting food grade safe bag that will keep your bread lovely and fresh.
4MyEarth Bread Bags are for those who care about our environment and care about their bread!

LoveBFP1 GeoFB1

Food Bag-
4MyEarth Food Bag is designed to replace the need of single use plastic bags and clip seal bags. Uses are endless! Great for storing cheese, herbs, muffins, cakes, vegetables and so much more. Can also be used as a lunch bag too!
All  materials used  are 100% Cotton/Canvas with a biodegradable coating that decomposes without harm to our environment- unlike Nylon or PUL which are not biodegradable.

  • Bags can be put in the freezer.
  • Lightweight, yet extremely strong.
  • Stores flat for easy and simple storage.
  • Hand, machine or dishwasher safe.
  • PVC, BPA Free
  • Non-toxic, heavy metal free, Phthalate free

4MyEarth products will last you not just one year, but several years!


PicMonkey Collage


TWO Lucky Winners will win the following Pack each :

You will win the following in your choice of prints.

1 x Food cover set Valued $34.95
1x New Food Bag Valued $14.95
1 x Bread Bag Valued $18.95

Total Prize ( per person) Value $80.00 including P&H
(Total $160 Value)


To enter the Giveaway –

Enter HERE.  This giveaway is run through rafflecopter making it 100% fair to all entrants as each persons entry is recorded and then the winner randomly generated from all VALID entries.

To be Valid

You need to like Mixing Food & Life (known as Thermoblitz)  Facebook Page HERE
You need to like 4MyEarth Facebook Page HERE
Comment on this blog post which of these products you are looking forward to winning the most !
Competition starts 12:00 Midnight WST 14th May 2015
Competition ends   12:00 Midday WST 21st May2015


32 thoughts on “4 My Earth Giveaway

  1. I love the sound of all of them and want to work up to getting them all but I think a good place to start would be a bread one as I make my own every day and then have to BUY (plastic) bags to put it in. I’d love to change this 🙂


  2. Oh hard to choose, they’re both excellent! But having to make 3 lunch boxes I’d love the bags for a fun and healthy lunch!


  3. Free from toxins, BPA and phthalates,
    Stylish not to mention food grade mate!
    I am in love with the food bag geo1,
    I’m sure my fruit and veg would have fun!


  4. I already have a set of covers but use them so much I would love some more! Would love to try the bags I think they would be so versatile.


  5. I am looking forward to win the food covers.I am definitely going to save lots of money which is wasted almost every week on cling wraps. Best part is that i can cover fruits as well.


    1. I would make very good use of the food cover set. At the moment I use a plate on top of a bowl, so they would be very handy to reduce washing up 🙂


  6. I would love them all but the food cover set would be great, I try and avoid using plastic wrap, I often use cloth napkins to cover/wrap food


  7. The food covers would be awesome, my husband uses miles of cling wrap because he has so much trouble ripping it off


  8. Definitely the Food covers – I love eating fruits especially rockmelon, watermelon, papaya etc and different sizes of food covers would be a blessing for my fruits.


  9. All the bags look amazing but as I have been baking a lot of my own bread lately I am really interested in the bread bag!


  10. I already have the bread bag and it is fantastic for storing my homemade bread, would love to have the food covers and the new food bags.


  11. The Food cover set would be Fantastic, I love the concept will be great for covering the treats I make for my 11 Grandies


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