Where is our safety ?

Yesterday the news broke all over the internet that a male person ( does not deserve to be called a man) had been arrested for the murder of Stephanie Scott.

It started early in the morning as I had my shower listening to the radio – the news. Stephanie had been murdered . I just simply burst into tears, As I did the week before when I heard that 149 people had been murdered by a male person on a aircraft on the other side of the world

As I did at the end of 2014 during the Siege at the Lindt cafe in Sydney.

As I did in 2012 when we all struggled to come to terms with the brutal murder of Jill Meagher.

As  I ddi during all the tragic events that happened inbetween these major social media and news events

Jill and Stephanie’s cases are eerily similar with it almost appearing to be a crime of opportunity to which that is even more scary. If I walk to the beach in broad daylight in the quiet of the day will I be pulled into the sand dunes ? If I go to the local shopping centre at night will I be pulled into a car . If I go to take a friend home will I be pushed off the road and dragged into anothers car ?
Jill was just walking home , why shouldn’t she have been able to do that in safety ?

Stephanie was just at her place of employment trying to get her school work ready for the sub teacher – why shouldn’t she do that in safety ?

Because these days people have such a sense of entitlement. These “male persons” felt entitled to take from these women what they were not entitled to and because they “more than likely” fought back for their rights NOT to be violated they were murdered. Where was their safety ?

Where is our safety ?

As women ( and indeed even men) should be able to walk down the street at night , walk to the beach, walk through a park , walk our dogs , and just be anywhere without fear of being attacked , raped or murdered.

We as a “people” should be able to get on a plane and travel somewhere without fear that someone will do something that will result in our demise.

We should be able to walk into a cafe , a shop , a building and not worry that some crazed person or group is going to hold us hostage and threaten our lives.

We should be able to drive our cars on the roads and not worry that some lunatic high on ICE or drunk , or speeding , or texting is going to plough into us and take our lives

We should be able to go about a daily lives and not worry about someone else taking away our life because … just because ……..

When are we going to feel safe ?

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one due to crime but today I just want to take a moment to send out deepest sympathies to Stephanie Scotts loved ones 😦

So many photos are so like the beautiful Jill Meagher’s Both beautiful women both taken too soon , both something that should never have happened 😦

I’m not sure how they can Rest in Peace but it is my wish for them.

My wish is to see laws change.  Laws that start to make sense. There has to be change . We should be able to feel safe, we should be able to be safe.