My Perspective on Thermomix TM31 & TM5


If you know what a Thermomix is you will know what this blog post is going to be all about. If you don’t know what a Thermomix is then its probably not going to matter to you about a TM31 or a TM5 because if you purchase a Thermomix (new) you are going to receive a TM5 and really it won’t affect you , just as when I purchased my Thermomix in 2012 I had no clue about the previous models.

There have been so many articles, facebook pages, comments , blog posts about the Thermomix over recent years that it would be hard not to know about the Thermomix, but no more so than the past few days since the release on Saturday the 6th of September 2014 of the new Thermomix model the TM5. If people didn’t know about the Thermomix before then its a fair bet that they are going to know about it now !

Today a article was posted on Mamamia ( a online blog/website) you can have a read of that here A Thermomix war has broken out in the suburbs of Australia which kind of automatically suggests its a  “housewifey domesticy” type drama
Indeed many of the paragraphs that follow on from that title and then the comments that follow through really do allude to this product being an overpriced , cult like for domesticy housewifey type people that have a tonne of money – oh – and that are bonkers for purchasing an over priced crockpot .
Having a go at Thermomix owners and describing this machine (new model or previous model) as a over rated expensive crockpot (now with a touch screen)  is somewhat insulting. Unless you have owned one and used one for a period of time how can you give an informed opinion ?
Its so easy to sit back in a chair with your computer watch a video or look at a photo and describe something as a over priced crockpot for middle class women with loads of $$$ to waste.

That scenario is so far from the case. For myself personally I could already cook, and cook well, but time was always a constraint to make complex recipes that take – well – time ! I just didn’t have the time or energy to spend hours over a stove stirring gourmet meals. Or to make the basics like vegetable stock, chicken stock ,  tomato paste, pizza sauce, tikka paste, butter , spreadable butter , yoghurt , jam, baking powder drinking chocolate , chocolate,  and so much more from scratch.  When first told about the Thermomix I was like what $2000 (rounded up) really ? what on earth ?? I can already cook why would I want that ? to which they gave me that magic word – TIME

I didn’t even have a demo I decided this would suit my needs and my families needs and I saved from selling things like toys no longer used, clothes that no longer fit and other space wasters that were no longer used . I purchased my TM31 in May 2012.  It revolutionized the way I cooked .
I went to some facebook groups for some help and hints and before long I was being begged to start to a facebook page which now sits at nearly 20 000 readers.  My style of cooking is for a family or couple or single that wants to cook from scratch and avoid processed food as much as possible. Its not specifically for people with allergies but often I will post recipes that suit someone with a egg allergy, or a wheat allergy, or a dairy allergy , because that something that I created was without those things. I don’t specifically make RAW Food but you will find some raw foods because thats what I created and it tastes great… My recipes use things that you can buy locally or online, not complicated expensive foods , just good wholesome and real food.
Then that progressed to people asking me to please start a blog which I did in May this year , I promised the Facebook readers that when the page reached 10,000 I would do a blog – to which here we are 🙂
However a little off track there ! – (I wonder if that is why some people consider Thermomix owners in a cult because they tend to go on and on about this great piece of machinery? ) Anyway  I’d like to draw your attention to these photos

567514-mark-best-thermomix-craze Thermogeorgie1 Top-Chef-Thermomix-classes1

These are a few definitely NOT middle aged suburbia housewives that use the Thermomix (as photographed with the TM31) In fact these are professional Chefs that utilize the Thermomix in their commercial kitchens…

If you look around my blog you will a lot of yummy healthy recipes tat you can make with ease. Up until Saturday you would have made that in your TM31. Now there is a new model on the block. It isn’t being sold alongside the TM31 it has replaced the TM31 as the model sold by Thermomix.

It doesn’t need to replace the model you have though.

I certainly do understand that there are a lot of upset Thermomix buyers who recently purchased a Thermomix and received a TM31 when there was a TM5 coming up. However I do think that there needs to be a little bit of perspective.
Sometimes (and I know its happened to me many times) you go and purchase something in a shop, and the week later its on sale maybe only $50 less or maybe Half price ! That happens and it sucks but then the next time you might of missed going to a shop to get something and the following week it went on sale for 50% off saving you 50% !

Life balances out.

Would I be upset if I bought a TM31 last week and the new TM5 came out ? YES is my 100% honest answer. Even if it was within a month or so. Would I rush out and sell it at a loss and buy a new one ? NO I wouldn’t. I would look at changing it in a couple of years maybe

I still have my TM31 and I don’t intend to sell it. I am hoping to get a TM5 at some stage ( but I was hoping to get another TM31 before it morphed into a TM5 last Saturday 😉 ) because of the amount of recipes I produce and that I share with my readers. But then given that I do not get paid by anyone for doing so, and I am not a Thermomix consultant and I do all my recipes for free (save the odd review where I might be given a product to review) that may not happen either.

The main point of this post is to say although the PR side of Thermomix in Australia may not have been handled the way people would have preferred it to be handled this is how it has occurred. It isn’t going to change the fact that the TM5 has come out , and is now the model sold, it isn’t going to change the fact that the “Thermomix” whatever model it is, cooks amazing gourmet food for the novice cook or a feast for the time poor person

It is what it is, as it is today. You can only deal with what it is today. If it makes you feel better to do something about it then that is something you must do for yourself, and that’s important too and you shouldn’t be berated for complaining or thrown the catch phrase of the year ” #firstworldproblems as seems to be the in thing to do!
Because maybe, just maybe it took you a year or more of saving for this “supposed” yuppie/middleclass/suburbia/richpersons cult cooking appliance and to you it is a issue.

But no matter whether you have a TM31 (as I do) or a TM5 as people are starting to get now, the Thermomix does do amazing things and until you have actually changed your way of cooking , thrown out (sold) a multitude of space taking gadgets and embraced a healthier way of cooking then I wouldn’t be knocking those that do own one (considering getting one) or insulting them along the way .


This perspective has been brought to you with zero payment of cash or product of any kind. It has been brought to you from a 2+ year owner of the Thermomix TM31 who has produced thousands of meals and hundreds of recipes , (given freely) and without any sort of cult status or otherwise !
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Happy Cooking

18 thoughts on “My Perspective on Thermomix TM31 & TM5

  1. Well said Caroline. I find it amazing that people feel the need to categorise others as insinuated “Stepford housewives” because they have invested in a machine. I saved to buy my 31, am a professional working mother of 3 young children and have always cooked from scratch anyway. It just made my life a less hectic. Perhaps if we all payed heed to those judging us, we would still be beating our washing against rocks in the river because washing machines would be considered extravagant. No one knows the battles of others, don’t judge them.


  2. Thanks so much Caroline, I am one of these people who has a TM31 that is not even a month old! I am furious, however like you stated there is not much you can do. Thankyou for acknowledging the multitude of insults people are hurling at us “Thermomix owners” as being trivial for complaining and women who waste their money (this is definitely not the case!) I love what the Thermomix has done for my family. I know the food I make will remain unchanged by the version of Thermomix I have, I just feel devastated that I didn’t get the choice really, particularly seeing the decision to buy a Thermomix was not made lightly!


  3. Thank you Caroline…nice to hear a positive spin… do people complain to AIRLINES when they purchase a full price ticket one day only to see prices slashed the next!!


  4. Thank you for being honest & sharing with us your take on this topic of the moment amongst thermomix owner and for the many recipes & ideas you share. I love my Thermomix which I have now had for 18 months & while I don’t use it daily it has made my life so much easier. You see, it is not just a tool, machine & resource for meal preparation & cooking but as a fibromyalgia sufferer it eases the way for me. I will be sticking with what I have. Thank you again – you are very generous with your time.


  5. Well said…! I am loving my thermo and am using it heaps, trying new recipes, and making the basics from scratch – so am really pleased with my TM31. However, I only took ownership of it on 8 Aug 14, given the choice would have waited the extra few weeks for the new model….., as I guess would most recent purchasers! By the way love your blog x


  6. You have written a fabulous well said article Caroline 🙂 I’m a consultant in Vancouver Canada and have some customers who are not happy, we won’t be getting the TM5 till next year here, I’ve had mine for 7 years and I couldn’t imagine life without it, I love it. Thank you for your amazing insight, ps you should become a consultant. Thank you.


  7. I’d like to add my thanks, too, Caroline. Your article is a balanced breath of fresh air! I’ve had my TM31 for several years now, and thanks to it and all the information that’s out there on the net these days, I’ve broadened my food/nutrition horizons enormously and managed to produce food I thought I’d never be capable of making. Although I’m keen to see the new model in action, I don’t feel the need to “upgrade” but I do feel for those customers and consultants who are going through all this.


  8. Great article! I received my TM31 on 28th August and I was upset about the new model release on 6th September. Yes it would have been nice to have known a new one was impending only 10 days after I got mine, however I haven’t stopped using it. Took me so long to decide to purchase one but as much as I’d die for the new model, I’m happy with having a thermomix. It has allowed me to cook things I would have never attempted to before. At the end of the day they do the same thing, just would have been nice to know!!


  9. I have been wanting a TM31 for a long time and received my dream machine on the 30th August. Am I miffed – life is all about timing! Love my Thermie in the short time I have had it and will upgrade down the track if the next model shops for me! 🙂


  10. Hi I would love to follow you and read recipes. Looking at buying a thermomix to save time . I have no idea where to start. How do I follow your recipes? Many thanks


  11. Well said .. My only complaint now is that I wanted to buy another tm31 but the only way is second hand which I believe has no warranty. I love my tm31 my best friend in the kitchen


  12. Great article!! I am one of those who thought it was for the step ford wives, but now that I have sent this machine in action I too now want one. I am saving for the newest one and am just overwhelmed at what it can do. Here’s to that magic word “time” and having more of it in the kitchen.


  13. Hi Caroline,
    Just came across your article when looking for all things Thermomix. I love the balanced view you gave of the Thermomix as too often people assume that because you have one you have lots of money. As a teacher and time poor I love the time it saves on all the basics from cooking white sauces, jams, soups and using mine as a rice cooker. I have found a multitude of uses for it in addition to those touted by Thermomix. I have had a TM 31 since 2012 and can’t wait until I can afford to upgrade to the TM5


    1. Hey Milton I approved your comment so that people can see how useless your comment is.
      This post is SEVEN – yes SEVEN years old. You can not even buy the TM5 new anymore.. its a TM6… 🙄
      We have Covid outbreaks and massive issues in the world and you choose to pick on a post on a cooking blog from seven years ago
      What a hero !


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