Eat this way or Die ?

Dramatic Heading isn’t it ?

“Eat this way or Die”

Eat this way or you are risking your health and eventually your life…

EAT Paelo, Eat Clean, Eat Raw, Eat Vegan, Eat Vegetarian , Eat Gluten Free , Eat Organic etc etc
because this is the way you should be eating and your life will be extended…

DON’T EAT Paelo , Clean, Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Organic etc etc because you are missing out on so many necessary and important food groups to sustain your health….

People have been pushing their view of particular eating styles for many years – its nothing new BUT Now people are having (to put it mildly) strong words and even nasty ones about all these various food styles and if someone is firmly committed to a particular way of diet they seem so one eyed about it and there in lies the issue.

It concerns me that groups of people are so radical about food styles and what is and what isn’t best for you.
One way
of doing something isn’t necessarily right for everyone .

I firmly believe that a little bit from all of those styles of food groups , are a good thing but none of them on their own are suitable for the majority of us.

I absolutely am 100% committed to a healthy, wholefood , wholesome, no or hardly any processed food way of eating (note I don’t use the word Diet.) I believe dieting is overrated.
Dieting messes with people’s minds. Eating a wholesome variety of whole and real foods that are not found in pretty decorated boxes, containers,bags with ingredients that sound like they are out of a sci-fi experiment

I’ll continue to make food from scratch and use the healthiest ingredients possible. If I want to eat red meat again one day then I will until then I choose not to eat red meat and I don’t think I’m going to die if I don’t eat it or damage organs or come down with a terrible disease.

Similarly I don’t intend to go sugar free, but I’ll continue to sub non processed sugars where I can by using alternatives like Maple Syrup , Rice Malt Syrup and Honey.

Whilst I have no issues having milk in recipes and more importantly coffee ! I’ll continue to use  milk, along with yoghurt , cheese and other dairy.

If I can source Organic foods at a good price or grow my own where and when  I can then I will do that.

I will continue to buy Free Range Chicken and Eggs, and buy produce that is grown in Australia

Above all of this I will continue to research as much as possible and look into things and then with all the confusing information out there I will make the best decision I can that suits my family and our lifestyle..

Armed with that information I’ll continue making the best dishes that I can and share my recipes and then its up to you the reader to take from them what you want.


There are many many “food items” out there that are confusing about which is the right and which is the wrong ones

Sugar Alternatives

The list is endless of all the things that we think are good for us one day and learn that they really might not be the next day.

Its sad that we are all be confused by “experts”  We see these “foods” these “diets” these “ways of eating” and we grab on to them thinking that it will be our miracle , it will heal us, it will make us lose weight, it will make us happier etc and for some people it will be the answer to any or all of those things but for the majority of people it won’t , they will just end up spending a lot of money or time or energy and not gaining the benefit they hoped for. Then perhaps fall into old patterns of unhealthy eating.

My philosophy is simple eat healthy, eat wholesome, real foods , foods for the soul as much as possible .
Cut out processed food , get back to basics and make meals from scratch.
Live a healthy lifestyle as much as you can.
Don’t have everything in moderation – that really doesn’t help it just creates an excuse in our minds to eat the wrong things.

Don’t try and change your world all in one day, it takes time to learn new habits, to like new ways of eating and enjoying food.
I have never cut everything out , its been a gradual process and over time the good wholesome food went up, the cooking from scratch went up and continued going up, until I actually no longer and nor did my family enjoy the store bought equivalent.

We haven’t gone on any special food plan or diet, we haven’t spent a tonne of money on different supplements or foods, in fact since having our Thermomix we have actually reduced our expenditure on food shopping.

One of the things that I hope readers take away from this blog , this post in particular is if it suits you to follow a certain diet, a certain way of eating then by all means absolutely go for it but if you don’t have any special dietary issues , allergies etc then they really probably aren’t necessary for you.
Continue to research food and healthy eating and make the best choice you can at the time. Unfortunately as with everything what was once deemed good for you now may not be in a year or 10 years so you continually need to keep things in check.

Happy and Healthy Eating I look forward to sharing your journeys.


(I should add that this post took me some time write and a lot of consideration into how it was written, I was up very late into the early hours composing it – sleep is another thing that is underrated ! – Sleep is definitely something you need to keep yourself healthy too *yawn*  )




6 thoughts on “Eat this way or Die ?

  1. Great post! I recently went to a workshop with Tania Hubbard. It was really awesome and although she’s a grain free, gluten free guru, she said the same as you, that everybody has a different body and the best way of eating is the one that makes you feel good. This isn’t going to the same for all of us. Hope you finally got some quality zzzs x


  2. I think one of the hardest things I find is how people are so viciously attacked.
    I have seen people admonishing Pete Evans (for example) and calling him a nut and so on.
    Why do people feel the need to do that ?
    I did a post on my FB page about Pete and Paleo and I said I agreed to his philosophy about 90% but in hindsight I had decided it was probably more about 80%
    I believe it’s all about balance.
    No one way suits all


  3. Amen to that!
    We think alike.
    Like I say on my blog, in my About section, why can’t we all just respect each others choices and join together for the common cause of promoting health and fighting obesity?? Especially for our children’s sake. It’s a shame so many people feel the need to attack each other (even within their own foodie groups!?!). Why can’t we all just support one another for one good cause? I’ve made a start too, I hope you’ll join me xx


  4. I agree. We are all individuals. What will work for some, won’t work for others. Nonprocessed food, whole food is the way to go. Scrap the food in boxes.


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