Healthy Hot Dog Rolls


Healthy Hot Dog Rolls – I miss having hot dogs ! But I don’t eat red meat anymore and there is no way I will eat the red sausages or serve them up to anyone else  (each to their own if that’s your thing!) .
If you want to read up on what actually goes in them you can do so HERE

You can still enjoy “hot dogs” in a healthier version.

I served these beautiful rolls with Chicken Sausages that have natural Casings from the Local Gourmet Butcher , some fried onion and grated cheese. You can add whichever condiments you like.
I will start to make my own chicken sausages , with chicken minced in the Thermomix and using a Sausage Stuffer. I have a KA attachment but one of my page likers said you can buy sausage stuffers from Good Kitchen Stores as well
You can then even steam the sausages in the Varoma, make caramelized onions in the Thermomix, make your own grated cheese in the Thermomix, and make your own condiments in the Thermomix

Oh and I used my spreadable Butter. Recipe is HERE

You will need:

480g Bakers Flour
200g Warm Water
30g Maple Syrup
25g Melted Butter
2 Eggs
5g Dried Yeast (I use Lowans)
Pink Salt

Add Warm Water and Yeast and mix on Speed 5 for 20 seconds
Add Maple Syrup and mix on Speed 5 for another 10 seconds
Add Flour
Add Salt
Separate the 2 eggs , put one egg into the bowl and then the yolk from the other egg and set that white aside.
Add the Melted butter to the TMX bowl with the other ingredients and mix for 5 secs on speed 7

Knead for 2 minutes

Empty into a oiled glass / ceramic bowl and roll into a bowl shape and place back into the bowl Cover with Plastic Wrap

Place in a warm place. This takes a good hour to rise.

When it has risen to double take it out and put onto a floured mat. Split the rolls into even sections of 8 rolls. I usually weigh them out to approximately the same sizes using the Thermomix Scales.

Take each section and roll into a roll shape. Then take each roll and flatten out as per photos. Taking the side fold in and then fold in the other side , then the ends. Place down the folded side as per the photo.
Allow to rise for a second time until the rolls have risen and are just touching as per the photo

With the egg white in the other bowl add about 60-70g of water and mix. Then gently brush the tops of the rolls with the mix.

Pop into a preheated 190 degree oven for around 12-15minutes depending on your oven !

Made them ? Let me know how you went and leave a comment please x


I’ve had a few people saying that they don’t quite get the folding of the dough. I did this visual this morning to help 🙂


7 thoughts on “Healthy Hot Dog Rolls

  1. Hi, just a quick question. Do you put the fillings in & fold, then cook or cook, slice & add after.? May sound stupid but I’m thinking if you add the ingredients before cooking, they’d be great for lunchboxes – ham & cheese etc. or par cook the sausages before adding & cooking. Good for kids parties etc.


    1. Hi, No Tracey they are just like a “regular” hot dog roll, or roll of any sort… Ie you make the bread/roll and then add in your ingredients. You have to cook the sausages and onions regularly BBQ etc


  2. thank you! Have had a few failed burger bun attempts but these worked a treat! Just shaped them round and added some apple cider vinegar as a bread improver. Yummy with salmon burgers and salad.


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