Whats your favourite food to make in the Thermomix ?

The fabulous competition to win a signed Quirky Cooking Cook book (plus Thermomix Bowl Brush) has now ended and the very lucky winner notified (and has claimed her fabulous prize !)
Its certianly been a busy couple of weeks running this particular competition with close to 800 comments and people still commenting on what their favorite food is !

So as the competition has ended and there are no more comments being published on that particular blog post I thought I’d open it up to you here to comment what your favorite food or foods are to cook/make in the Thermomix.

I have a small list 🙂

Tomato Soup – recipe HERE
Chicken Sweet Corn Noodle Soup – recipe HERE
Pumpkin Soup – recipe HERE
Creamy Roast Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Soup – recipe HERE
Quirky Cooking Chicken and Brown Rice Soup – recipe HERE
Minestrone Soup – EDC
Mushroom Soup – Original EDC
Dahl – EDC
My Mums Pate – recipe HERE
Spreadable Butter – recipe HERE
Tomato Paste – recipe HERE
French Onion Dip – recipe HERE
Fish Free Chicken Laksa – recipe HERE
Chicken and Leek Pie – recipe HERE
Thermoblitz Quiche – recipe HERE
Chicken and Veg Pasties – recipe HERE
Quirky Cooking Chicken and Mushroom Risotto – recipe HERE
Pizza Base – recipe HERE
Wholemeal/White/Chia Loaf – recipe HERE
Nougat Chocolate Cheesecake – Devil of a CookBook
Florentines – recipe HERE
Decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – recipe HERE


I have so many other favourite recipes … Its winter so I am favoring all the hearty foods ! But I have lots of fave summer foods… a Post for another day………… 🙂

So what are you fave foods to make in the Thermomix ?

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for a new Giveaway coming soon…………..