Thermoblitz Bars


I have a few muesli bar and slice recipes but this one takes the cake ! If you need to make it nut free for taking to school then just remove the nuts and sub with some other dried fruit or riced bubbles or half and half.

But I strongly recommend making it this way first and serving at home 🙂

You will need :

5 Dates – chopped up
150g Honey
50g Maple Syrup
130g Butter
220g Rolled Oats
60g Sultanas
35g Hazelnuts Chopped up
35g Almonds Chopped up
25g Shredded Coconut
50g Cranberries
25g Sunflower Seeds
10g Chia Seeds
2 tsp Vanilla Extract



Place Honey, Maple Syrup and Butter together into bowl and heat on 100degrees speed 1 for 6 minutes.
Add in dry ingredients.
Mix on reverse for about 1 minute speed 1. Give a stir with a spatula.

Pour into lined tray Press down with back of spoon and can use hand if you like

Place in preheated 170degree oven and cook for around 15-20 minutes until golden
Leave to cool completely and pop into fridge and allow to set before cutting.

Melt Chocolate around 200g in the Thermomix and pour over the bottom of the Bars. I prefered to cut up the bars and then spoon the chocolate over the bottom of each bar. Pop back in fridge to set

Freezes very well.
Keep in fridge




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