Adapted Donna Hay Pizza Base Thermomix recipe


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Thermomix Donna Hay Pizza Converted Recipe

10g dried yeast ( I use Lowans and store in the freezer)
5g Raw Sugar
300g warm water
440g Bakers Flour
1 tspn Sea salt
15g Olive Oil

Put yeast Sugar and water in bowl mix 20secs on speed 6
Then add remaining ingredients , flour salt and oil
Mix for 5 secs speed 6
Put onto Lock position and mix for 1.5 minutes on Knead
Tip out into a lightly sprayed bowl put plastic over put in a warm position and wait to rise to top / nearly top
Turn out and Roll out
Prick base with Pizza Pricker and top with fave toppings
Ive been using this recipe for YEARS and love it ..