Handy Hints

Tips and Hints for your Thermomix that I have discovered along the way of using my Thermomix

This page will be updated and added to. You can also find this information permanently on my Tips and Tricks Page HERE




Stock – Don’t waste the remainder hard to get stock from your jar, add some water shake and use as “liquid stock”

Tomatoes – Easy to stick a sharp knife and “core” out the middle

Too many veges chopped ? Store in ziplock bag and place in freezer ready for that next soup or stock

When you make quantities of pastes/sauces etc that are excessive to your needs – bag up and freeze. Write name and weight


260582_334781659957981_1748658964_n copy        10174823_439443802825099_384260247279943898_n


1 Jar of Cumin seeds and 1 Thermomix + 1 minute, 1 Piece of Paper Towel, Speed 9 and Voila – Ground Cumin

When you buy fresh herbs from the shop (or even home grown ones – that you cut more than you may need) Be sure to stick them in a glass of water so they stay fresher for longer.
Better to use filtered water


309880_299343353501812_1601954479_n copy


Place a board under your Thermomix.

Reduced movement.

You can move your Thermomix around.

And it keeps crumbs off the feet

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