Zooper Truffles aka Balls of Heaven

Zooper Truffles little balls of goodness


100g Medjool Dates after seeds removed
50g Sunflower Seeds
50g Almonds
50g Cranberries
25g Chia Seeds
25g Linseed
25g Sesame Seeds
10g Protein Powder
50 g Dried Apricots
30g Maple Syrup
Coconut for rolling
Cacao for rolling



Blitz everything except maple syrup for 10 -15 secs speed 9 until crumb appearance
Add Maple Syrup and mix on speed 3 until sticking together (clumping)
Roll into balls using damp hands
Have two bowls with Coconut and one Cacao
Roll balls individually in bowls of coconut and Cacao
Set in fridge

NB : You can increase protein powder if you wish but you will need to increase maple syrup slightly as well


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