Turkey Lasagne




This was a fave recipe of mine to make using the stove top, but you needed to stir and often the turkey could get dried out a little. This way its moist and super melt in your mouth. 

(The next time I make it I’m actually going to cook the onion and garlic first as per normal and then “fry off” the turkey mince before adding the sauce. If you want to give that a go try it at 100degrees speed 1 for about 4 minutes – keep an eye on it …. Then proceed with rest of recipe – if you try this way before I do – let me know how you go… once I’ve tried it next time – I’ll post the best version )

600 – 800g Turkey Mince
20 gr Olive Oil
1 Onion
2 Garlic Cloves
500g Tomato Pasta Sauce. Recipe HERE

60g Tomato Paste (use my recipe HERE )
Some Fresh Herbs or Dried mixed herbs
500g Natural Greek Style Yoghurt or make your own yoghurt
200g Ricotta (I use Mundella – no additives – or make your own in the tmx)
100 g or more Grated Parmesan Cheese
100g Cheddar Grated Cheese – (optional – if on low cal diet – omit)
Pinch Nutmeg
Lasagne Fresh Sheets. I use the Fresh ones that have no additives or you can make your own
250g Finely Chopped Frozen Spinach Thawed and squeezed out Or use spinach leaves

Into TMX place halved Onion and Garlic cloves and if using fresh herbs insert now also
Blitz for 5 secs on speed 7
Add oil and cook for 2 minutes 100degrees on speed 1
Add Sauce for 5 minutes on 100 degrees Speed 1
Add Turkey Mince and give a bit of a stir through the sauce
Cook on 100 degrees for 8 minutes REVERSE and on Speed Soft
Half way through give a stir through. At 8 mins check that cooked through and if not cook for another 10 minutes

White Sauce Mix
Add Ricotta, Yoghurt and Parmesan in a bowl and Mix!

When Cooked layer on the bottom of a lasagne Tray
Lasagne Sheets
Half Spinach
White Sauce topping
Lasagne Sheets
Remainder Spinach
Lasagne Sheets
White Sauce Topping
Making sure that you end up with White Sauce on top.
Mine usually goes along the above lines but you can layer how you wish.

Cook in a 175/180 Oven for around 45 mins


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