Lemon Aioli

Lemon Aioli
25g Lemon Juice
80g Mac oil ( you can use OLIVE OIL – must be a very good one and must be Olive Oil not EVOO)
5g White Balsamic Vinegar
5 g Dijon Mustard.
5-10g of maple syrup
90g Greek Style Plain Yoghurt
Salt and Pepper.

Place everything except oil in thermomix bowl and mix on speed 5 for about 10-20 secs until well combined
Drizzle oil through top of MC on top of the lid whilst continuing to mix at speed 5 until well combined.
It will be slightly runny at this stage , you need to place in the fridge for a few hours to thicken.

However I only put mine in the fridge for about 20 minutes and then poured into the silver dishes and it was great.
This morning its firm like mayonnaise in the fridge. Aioli is however traditionally served at room temp so you can bring up a short time before serving but it will be less thick.

The Garlic Aioli which is the next one I will be making is thicker

“Zucchini Fries”

1-2 Large Zucchinis – I used one and there was plenty ! Julienne them

In one dish place the “egg or egg free” dipping mix so either a egg or two whisked or pour some olive oil in a dish add a couple of tablespoons of flour and pour a little water – enough to make a good dredging mix

In another dish place some plain flour and grate into that some parmesan ( or you can use nutritional yeast if you can’t have cheese)

In the final dish place your breadcrumbs ( done in the tmx)
some Garlic Powder some salt and pepper and any other spices you might want but don’t over do it. I only did the Breadcrumbs S&P and Garlic powder

Dredge the zucchini through the “egg mix” then the “flour mix” then back in the “egg mix” then in the “breadcrumb mix”

Place onto a baking tray lined with baking paper and cook in a pre heated oven of 200/220 degrees (depending on your oven!) for around 20-30 minutes until crispy on the outside and golden.

Dip in Lemon Aioli and ENJOY ! My kids polished them off and then had seconds !