Healthier Savoury Scrolls and Apple Custard Scrolls






***New Thermoblitz Recipe***

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Savory Scrolls and Apple Custard Scrolls all with a healthier twist.

First make the Custard and Apple

For the Custard you will need
500g Milk
2 Eggs
10g Vanilla Extract
40g Maple Syrup
25g Cornflour

Add ingredients into the TMX Bowl in the order as above Heat on 90degrees speed 4 for 7 Minutes.

Allow Custard to cool completely. Cold Custard is best. You won’t use all of this so use it for your favorite desert or perhaps my Thumbprint Custard cookies 🙂

Next prepare the apple. Peel, Core and Slice 2 Apples – I used Pink Ladys.
Put slices into the TMX bowl for 10 minutes 90 degrees speed 2 with 30g Water

Allow to cool.

Next make the Scroll dough

You will need
450g Water
10g Yeast
1tsp salt
450g Bakers Flour
300 g Atta Wholemeal Flour ( this is a better “whole” meal flour
50g Macadamia Oil

Put ingredients in bowl in order listed above . Mix on speed 7 for 5 secs
Knead for 2 minutes
Remove Dough from bowl and split into half weighing each half to as close to half as possible
Into a glass/ceramic bowl sprayed/brushed lightly with oil
put one half of the dough.
Into the TMX bowl put the other half of dough and add into the bowl 30g Pure Maple Syrup. Knead for 30secs
Put this dough into the other oiled bowl
Place Gladwrap / or Teatowel over bowls. Allow to rise to as close to top as possible.

Roll out one of the doughs and put favorite savory toppings on it. Roll up longest end and slice into scrolls and bake for around 18 minutes on 190 degrees

Then with the other dough roll out and top with the apple and Custard that you made earlier First sprinkle the Apple and then spoon on the custard. Roll up from the longest end – this will be a little trickier than normal scrolls Work quickly, slice and cook for around 18 minutes 190 degrees until cooked and golden.

I’ll also be posting the Icing that can be drizzled over the top of the Apple and Custard Scrolls.
You can also add flaked almonds in the mix over the dough or on top with the icing.
Details will be on the blog

3 thoughts on “Healthier Savoury Scrolls and Apple Custard Scrolls

  1. Just made these- absolute hit with the family. Was looking at your hint to use the extra custard for your thumbprint custard cookies but can’t seem to find the recipe- where would it be? Thanks!


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