Festive Fudge


Festive Fudge

1 can condensed milk
60g Raw Sugar
125g butter
1 tblspn liquid glucose 20g (available from supermarkets)
200g white chocolate
Approx 60g Pistachios
Approx 50g Cranberries


  • Add to TM bowl milk, butter, sugar and glucose – cook 100⁰ C – 8 mins – speed 3
  • Cook further 20mins varoma temp – speed 3
  • Add chopped chocolate or chocolate buttons and a handful or so of pistachios and dried cranberries stir through 10 secs  speed 3-4 -until choc is melted
  • Pour into lined square pan or slice tray, smooth out and sprinkle some more pistachios and cranberries- refrigerate until set.
  • Slice into small squares.


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