Thermoblitz Chicken & Corn Noodle Soup




2 garlic cloves
1 onion quartered
1 Stalk Celery chopped into smalll pieces
2 carrots chopped into small pieces
Small piece of Ginger (optional)
30 g Oil
1000 g water
1tblsp chicken stock paste – recipe HERE
50g Spaghetti broken into quarters
200g -300g Roast chicken (whatever you have) ( or poach a largeĀ chicken breast )
100g Frozen Corn Kernels


Garlic Ginger (if using) Onion 3 Seconds / Speed 7
Add 30g oil then 100 degrees 3 mins speed 1
Carrot and Celery 3 seconds speed 7
Add Chicken and Chicken Paste
Add 1000 g water cook 10 mins 100 degrees reverse speed 1
Add spaghetti and corn and cook for 100 degrees 6-8 minutes reverse speed 1
Pop into Thermoserver for 5minutes


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