Thermoblitz Foodie Thoughts

I thought it might be a good idea to give you a bit of information about why I originally purchased a Thermomix and what I think of in regards to Food.

I first heard about the Thermomix in 2011/2012 . I could already cook and quite well (according to family and friends) . I asked people I knew that owned a Thermomix why on earth they had this pricey piece of equipment in their kitchen. I already had a “Pink” Kitchen Aid which I adored, so why did I need this ‘unassuming” kitchen equipment  ?

The resounding answer from all was TIME – Now my interest was peaked. So I thought hmmm this is something I want . So I started saving , from selling bits and pieces that I no longer needed , baby items taking up storage and clothes that were no longer worn etc.  I called on the consultant and organized a demo and paid for the Thermomix before even ever seeing it in action ! That is how confident I was in it !

Demo day came around and it was all very exciting , friends around and having this fabulous spread of food made for us and a champagne or two 🙂  It was all going really well, and then the phone rang…without going into all the nitty gritty it was a phone call that was about to turn my world upside down.
The next few months passed with not a lot of use of my newly acquired Thermomix , and any “learning” of how to use the Thermomix during that demo went out the window.. As two days after that demo my husband ended up in the Coronary ICU and then a Double Bypass – age 45.

During my husbands recovery and after , I started using the Thermomix more and more, I belonged to a couple of Thermomix Groups online and it gave me the confidence to use the machine. I was a strict recipe follower to start with until my confidence came.  I do still like to follow recipes , even when I create my own !! Out of my determination to learn to use this machine and feed good food to my family Thermoblitz was born.

For many many years we had cut out the rubbish in our diets, so our health challenges were a surprise to us. But you can’t do a lot with genetics!  Having the Thermomix truly helped the “eat healthier” motto that we had .  Making our own core ingredients was such a wonderful thing to be able to do. Bread, Rolls, Scrolls, Pizza, Pastry ,  Baking Powder , Rice Flour , Flour , Tomato Sauce , Tomato Paste, Other pastes for dishes , Mayonnaise , Yoghurt, Chocolate , Ice cream, Body scrubs , Washing powder …These are just a few of the things that the Thermomix does and how it can change lives and household budgets

This blog isn’t specifically about special diets, or allergy specific diets , or cutting out specific core foods rather this blog is about eating healthier and making your own basic essentials. It’s about cutting down on “packaged foods” and making your own items where possible. I don’t profess to know everything about foods and I am not a nutritionist. What I do talk about comes from experience and how foods and what you put in and on your body can affect your whole body in one way or another. I firmly believe in eating whole foods and going back to the way of eating before big manufactures got their foot in our front doors. I believe that the Europeans really have a far better understanding of the mind-body soul connection and they are a living testament to that.

I don’t believe that all “health foods or fads ” are the perfect answer for everyone. We all have unique cells that react in unique ways! I’ve been down a path of terrible reactions to “health foods” Rapadura sugar caused me debilitating ice pick headaches and Coconut Sugar caused me gut wrenching cramping. So I can’t have either of these items ( much to my disappointment) More recently I found out that Quinoa makes me violently nauseous to the point of nearly being sick.  (even with thorough soaking and preparation)
Not everything suits everyone so we need to adapt for our own bodies, we do need to try to reduce the not so good foods ie : when a recipe calls for sugar I will use raw over white and I will reduce it greatly. How much depends on the recipe, but I never use the full amount. I also try to adapt to using alternatives like dates or maple syrup or rice malt syrup for sweeteners. As we don’t have a dairy allergy the recipes will mainly be using dairy. As I said this isn’t a blog with a specific group of people in mind but rather an everyday blog for everyday people but with wanting a healthier food outlook.

I really hope that you get something out of this blog. Even if it’s just one thing that can help you in your daily life I think that would be fantastic. Be sure to ask questions and leave comments and let me know how you are going in your  Food Journey (and even if you don’t have a thermo all in one appliance )

Cheers to Healthier Eating

Caroline xxx