Bee-Unstuck Seasoning Bars 

Bee-Unstuck Seasoning Bars 🐝

I’d ike to introduce to something that I have been working on.. .. 🏬 
Last night I fulfilled my previous way of ordering my bars in the Bee-Unstuck Aussie Ordering group……However…. those customers were the very first to use my new Online Shop !!!
I then opened it up to the current VIP Bee-Unstuck Hive members who got first look and their orders in !!

Im still a boutique business making to ‘order’ but I’m offering them in a “online shop”
I will be aiming to restock every 7-10 days depending on how fast orders are placed.
So far all accounts are very very happy customers !

Let me introduce you to … new ONLINE STORE !

Bee -Unstuck Seasoning Bars 🐝

⚡️It is currently only for Credit Card/Debit Cards and all overseas customers will need to use the previous ordering system in the Bee-Unstuck Ordering group at this point in time.